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Dogs Deserve Better Billboard Campaign

The Dogs Deserve Better billboard campaign brings to light the connection between human and dog with three conceptually unique billboards. The first design illustrates the generational aspect of chaining, illuminating the fact that chaining your dog has been passed down from grandfather to father to son/daughter. Isn't it Time to Break the Chain?

In the second, Rocky Shepheard illustrates a man hugging his dog, and it simply states that Dogs Deserve Better than life on a chain or in a pen with a call to action to bring them into the home and family. This billboard is very colorful, uses a primary color palette, and will draw the eye of any passersby. It is cheerful and focuses on the family life and emotional needs of both dog and man.

The third is for those who embrace the WWJD phenomenon, and asks "Would Jesus Chain His Dogs?"

Dogs Deserve Better will provide this art to any area where citizens are able to raise money and negotiate either an inexpensive billboard space or a free space. We will also provide $100 toward the billboard art output. If you are able to raise the funds or negotiate a deal for a board, please e-mail us at info@dogsdeservebetter.org with the company's contact info, and we will get the art to them. If you're a local nonprofit sponsoring the billboard, we will also gladly add your name and contact info at the bottom of the board.

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