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Order Your 2010 Dogs Deserve Better
14-Month Calendar

Calendar Banner

Great News (for us at least!) For the first time ever we've run out of DDB Calendars! Make sure to order early next year!

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Dogs Deserve Better Calendar, which gets rave reviews by everyone who buys or reads it. This year we've outdone ourselves, or shall we say you've outdone yourselves! You submitted your rescued, formerly chained or penned dogs for our consideration, and we made every effort to get as many of their stories and photos into our calendar as possible. And we brought on ace designer Tracy Copes of Daft Deneration to breathe new life into our calendar pages.

We've compiled 28 dog rescue stories for you—all Happy Ending of course—and you'll come to know the dogs in a new way as you read their touching stories each month!

We had a great time pulling together a gorgeous, full color calendar, and an especially good time designing 5 covers for you to choose our winning cover model. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Dawn Ashby, who campaigned extensively for votes for her rescued boy Remo, he was the winner this year with almost 700 votes! Never fear, though, all of our gorgeous calendar cover model contestants will appear somewhere within our calendar—they will all get their time in the sun!

Calendars ship November 1, 2009.

Shaggy calendar

We are the only calendar to focus solely on chained and penned dog rescue stories, so don't miss out! Our stories are vibrant, our photos are gorgeous and fun . . . The calendar is full color throughout, and features stories of 28 rescued dogs, each different, each heart-warming, each happy-ending. Full-page stories are complete with before and after photos, while bottom stories feature smaller, after photos with a story.

Remo Inside Photo

Remo was a Dalmatian who had been through it all—abused, abandoned, attacked by other dogs (apparent from the scars on his face). He was then found by a person who thought he was ‘saving him,’ tethered and starving for food, health care and attention. That’s when Dawn Ashby of Dogs Deserve Better found him. He was surrendered to her and transported to Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois. Remo was an angel of a dog with so much love to give but no one to appreciate or reciprocate his love. Deb Trainor of Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois took Remo in as a foster, teaching him everything he would need to know about living inside as part of a family. Jill Brooks was looking for a younger Dalmatian when she met Remo and fell in love with him. Today Remo lives with a younger Dalmatian sibling and is finally adored, as he should have been all along. Dogs Deserve Better and Dawn Ashby thank Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois and Jill Brooks for helping to save Remo.

Can't wait to read more about Remo, Buddy, Vivian, Shaggy and 24 others? Wait, there's more...

The calendar also features 14 Months as opposed to the normal 12, and includes December 2009, for you early birds, and January 2011, for those of us who procrastinate about buying a new one, or getting it hung up once we have it.

We offer price breaks at 5, 10, and 20 calendars. If you'd like to help us fundraise by selling higher quantities please contact us for information. (Or, if you're a smaller rescue who'd like to give them away with your adoption packets, please contact us for even deeper discounts.)

Education can and does work with many people! Even when we don't see immediate payoff for our efforts, rest assured we are making progress, one educational block at a time. Displaying a Dogs Deserve Better calendar in your home or office is just one more way to educate those around you...So pick some up for friends and family as holiday gifts this year, and start an educational wave!

Note: By ordering from Dogs Deserve Better you are acknowledging that it may take as long as 3 weeks to receive your order. While every attempt is made to fill your order in a timely fashion and most orders go out within two days, we are a small nonprofit, with a very streamlined staff. There are times we either get backlogged or other crucial DDB work must take precedence for a day or so. Most orders are filled within days, but we ask you to be patient when ordering...if you do not receive your order in 3 weeks, contact us. If you do not receive a thank you via e-mail in 3 days contact us. If you truly need it right away, please call to order so it can be placed in a priority manner.

We Now Take Phone Orders at 1.877.636.1408

Interested in using our calendars for fundraising, either for us
or for your local animal nonprofit? Please call to discuss at 1.877.636.1408

Sorry, Sold OUT! Order Early Next Year!


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