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A small sampling of the thousands of heart-touching valentines
created by schoolchildren/groups in 2009 for the chained and penned dogs. (Please note, we are requesting Valentines be no larger than 4"x8.5" in order to fit in mailing envelopes...bigger Valentines are hard to mail!)

Read the Results of the 2009 Campaign
Hi-Res Valentine Pic#1
Hi-Res Valentine Pic#2
Hi-Res Valentine Pic#3
Hi-Res Valentine Pic#4
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Media Release, Posted on 2/8/10
The world's most unusual Valentines go to the dogs
15,000 Valentines to be delivered to America's 'Forgotten Dogs'

Media Release, Posted on 1/13/10
Group asks students to create 15,000
valentines for chained dogs

Seeks Elementary School Students, Clubs, Groups, and
Individuals to Make Valentines for Delivery to Chained Dogs Nationwide


Is Your Dog the Love of Your Life?
Help Us Make Other Dogs as Lucky
During our Have a Heart for Chained Dogs
2010 Valentine Campaign

Join us February 7-14th for Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week. OUR GOAL in our 8th Season is to SEND OUT 15,000 VALENTINES TO CHAINED or PENNED DOGS.

We are striving to raise awareness for chained and penned dogs in a positive way...by delivering Valentines, a brochure and a treat coupon to dogs living outside all over the U.S. and into other countries where we have representation, such as Canada and England.

Here's where you come in:

1. Make Valentines. Teachers, Students, Scout Leaders, Group Leaders, Individuals please make Valentines! Please note: Sizes should be no biggern than 4"x8.5" so they can fit in a mailing envelope. We're asking you to stress quality over quantity this year...we'd rather have 15,000 awesome valentines that REALLY hit home with dog caretakers. To see what others have done, see the link above. The valentines can say anything along the lines of 'Bring us into the home and family.' Send them to us by February 5th at P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684.

2. Mail Coupons for Free or Reduced Cost Treats or Dogfood. Last year we did not have enough treat coupons to fill all the Valentines. Can you help us out this year by mailing any and all treat or dogfood coupons you have to us at P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684?

3. Send addresses for Chained or Penned Dogs. This is so CRUCIAL! Please, take the time to find out the address of that chained or penned dog near you, even though it takes a little time...To make our goal, we need to mail at least 15,000 Valentines. Send addresses via mail, call 877.636.1408 to report addresses, e-mail them to info@dogsdeservebetter.org. or fill out the form, below (preferred). You remain anonymous!

(Important Note: this form does not give you a thank you, but is designed to automatically reset to this page for those with multiple addresses...don't worry, the addresses are coming through fine, please don't resubmit.)

<a href="https://secure.blueoctane.net//forms/3ERO53KA2N44">Click Here To Load This Formexperts.com Form</a>

4. Sponsor Valentines. The cost of this campaign is quite high, due to material and mailing fees, but it is well-worth it! You may either sponsor Valentines for addresses you provide, or sponsor Valentines for others who provide us with addresses. Sponsor your Valentines below.

In 2009 we delivered over 12,000 Valentines to chained or penned dogs!


Want to get the word out about chaining this winter? Run this ad in your area, cheap!, and you can even get your name on the end! Click here to find out more.

“Winter is a critical time to reach out directly to the people who chain their dogs, and what better excuse than Valentine’s Day to send these forgotten animals a little love,” says Tamira Thayne, founder and director of the seven-year-old non-profit. “Every winter our rescuers see dogs that have frozen in the snow, suffered frostbite, or otherwise endured horrific living conditions because of the longstanding misperception that it is appropriate to chain a dog outside in any kind of weather.”

“This is the perfect opportunity for people who pass chained dogs every day, or who live next door to these poor animals, but feel powerless to make a difference,” continues Thayne. “People can anonymously provide us with the addresses of these dogs, or perhaps make a batch of Valentines, and we do the rest.”

Educational outreach is an important part of chain-ging minds and chain-ging lives. From supporter Aubrey Madden Hall: "My husband and I used to pass a puppy chained 24/7 on the deck on our way home...it hurt us everyday. After a while I found out about DDB from someone at the dog park...I contacted my local rep and she sent some things to them. Then, I never saw him chained again! That was my first experience with relief from the sadness of the animal abuse I had seen daily. First success- thanks to DDB! Growing up there was a chained husky 2 doors down from me...My heart ached for him, but I was a child and didn't know there were people out there like DDB. It hurt so much to see him every day for years on that chain, I didn't have faith that people could change, but thanks to that first taste of success I finally have hope that people can change and learn to do the right thing."

Valentines are needed at the Dogs Deserve Better headquarters in Tipton, PA by February 5th. The group is also seeking coupons for free or low-cost dog treats to include with their packets. To participate by creating Valentines or mailing coupons, send them to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684. Interested parties may e-mail info@dogsdeservebetter.org, or call 814.941.7447 for further details.

Dogs Deserve Better invites volunteers and other nonprofit groups nationwide to deliver Valentines to local chained dogs. The group is greatly in need of addresses for chained/penned dogs, and sponsors for the program.

All valentines will be sent anonymously, unless you specifically ask for your first or full name to be included. And any information that is sent out with the valentine will include only the name of the Dogs Deserve Better organization. Therefore, any information you give us is strictly confidential, unless you direct otherwise.

Dogs Deserve Better will Hold Two Valentine Stuffing Parties For all State College, Bellwood, Altoona, Pennsylvania volunteers:

PLEASE try to make one of these two Valentine stuffing parties! We hope to be totally swamped and overwhelmed with Valentines this year, and need as much help as we can get. Please forward to all your dog-loving friends. We try to make this a very fun party, and you're working for a great event: you could possibly save a life with each Valentine you stuff!

Dogs Deserve Better needs volunteers to stuff and ready for mailing as many as 10,000 Valentines for dogs this year! Two stuffing parties, one in State College and one in Bellwood, will be held to enable more people to participate.

Party #1 (Note: Postponed due to inclement weather!)
Bellwood Library
Bellwood, Pennsylvania
526 Main Street
Saturday, February 13, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Come Anytime, Stay as Long as You'd Like!
We will have Plenty of Food and Drink Available!
For more info, e-mail info@dogsdeservebetter.org
or call 814.941.7447

Party #2
State College, Pennsylvania
State College High School Library
North building
Thursday, February 4, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Yummy food and drinks too!
Call Terry at 814.880.1748 for more information
Was a Great Success, thanks to the 20 people who came to stuff!

Sponsor Valentines

1 for $3.00

2 for $5.00

5 for $10.00

12 for $20.00

30 for $50.00

65 for $100.00

As always, you are more than welcome to sponsor by phone at 1.877.636.1408 or mail, just send a check or money order and ordering information—what, how many, etc. to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684, and we'll follow your request! Be sure to provide contact information in case we have questions.

From Ms. Hartman, California: "My class of 3-4th graders sent these Valentines for those dogs chained or tethered. This is one of our KIND Kids Club activities. We do things in our town to raise awareness for mistreated animals. Thanks for caring! "

From The Humane Society of Missouri: "Every year the Education Department has a Valentine's Day Event called "Share your heart with homeless dogs". We bake treats for the shelter dogs and make Valentines for you."

From Carrie Nutter-Novak, Illinois: "Once again the children I provide occupational therapy services for at Chicago Public Schools have made cards for the canines in your outreach program. They were excited to wish the dogs a Happy Valentine's Day and to educate the animal guardians on appropriate pet care."

Please help fund the project! It's a large undertaking, and we need your help today. Any donations you make will be tax deductible.

If you'd like to donate via regular USPS mail, you may print out this form in .pdf format, and send to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684