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Dogs Deserve Better wants to make your search for chained dog information and articles easier. Experts have donated articles, and as we find links to other relevant articles, we will post them for you.

We include links to chained dog articles, stories, or columns from other sites. If you have a chained or penned dog story or article to share, please e-mail us with the link, and we will see that it is added.

General Articles Against Chaining

Dogs Should Not Be Chained
We were sickened to read about the eight-year-old who was attacked by the chained dogs on Wilson Street. It is because of incidences like this that we volunteer with Dogs Deserve Better and Parents Against Dog Chaining; two groups that are working to get dogs off of chains and out of pens and into the family. Absolutely no dog, regardless of breed or size, deserves to live its life on a chain or in a pen.

Christmas has gone to the dogs
Levi Hill/News-Sun
ogs across Hobbs got a helping hand and a holiday gift this week thanks to the help of Amanda Green and Justin Dreyer, local representatives of Dogs Deserve Better, an international non-profit dedicated to improving dogs’ lives.

Fighting for the Bullies (and all chained dogs)
Laura Catterton 8/25/09
I became aware of DDB back in 2004 after moving into our new home near Pensacola, FL just after Hurricane Ivan. After the hurricane blew down part of our fence, I noticed the neighbors behind us had five pit bulls on chains and not just any chains.

Michael Vick - To Play or Not
Jan Gilmer 7/30/09
Animal lovers who are also football fans, face a dilemma come this fall - to watch NFL games and support an organization that would allow a convicted animal murderer to play for them, or to ban everything NFL. Where do you stand?. Read more.

It Took A Dog Named Maggy
By Joe Maringo, 7/13/09
One of my first memories as a young boy was of our family dogs, Molly, a collie, and her son Whiskey.  We had a picture of Lassie on our basement wall, which I always thought  was really Molly. Read more.

What Did I Do To Deserve This ?
By Betty Lawrence, 6/1/08
A touching poem that is written from the chained dog's perspective, wondering what bad thing did he do to deserve being treated so badly. Read more.

Just Another Piece of Garbage? I Don't Think So.
By Tammy Grimes, founder, Dogs Deserve Better, 2/1/08
The idea that dogs are garbage and can be treated with disrespect, chained, tortured, even killed, is being perpetuated by a law enforcement and justice system that convicts of 'scattering rubbish' instead of animal cruelty. Read more.

Chain-Free Ordinance in Effect
(Austin, TX)
News 8 Austin Staff -- 10/02/07
A new Austin city ordinance is now in effect for pet owners. Beginning Oct. 1, people are no longer allowed to chain or tether their dogs. The ordinance also states a dog's outdoor living space must be at least 150 square feet if the dog is unattended and six months or older.

Manís Best Friend or Living Lawn Ornament?
By Caroline Hosley-- DDB Representative, 8/2007
At least 157 U.S. children have been killed or severely injured by chained dogs in the past 4 years. Chaining dogs can have tragic consequences. This practice is not only inhumane, but also creates a very real threat to humans as well as dogs and other animals. Chained or penned outdoor dogs are at significant risk for developing aggression.

The Myth about Chained Guard Dogs
By Christine Ameduri-- DDB Representative, 3/25/07
FACT: Chaining and penning create aggression, not protection. A protective dog is used to being around people and can tell when his family is being threatened. Dogs learn to be protective when they spend time with and are loved by their human family and are "part of the pack."

Group Frees Doggies of Their Chained Lives
By Whitney Ross -- The Chronicle Tribune, published 03/02/07

After having seen several dogs in the Marion area chained, it began to tug on her heart. Instead of constantly driving past the dogs, Belanger began researching to see what she could do to help. Now, two years later, Belanger is the Region 6 representative with Dogs Deserve Better, a national nonprofit organization

Delegate Wants to Limit Dog-Chaining
By Michael Zitz -- The Free Lance Star, published 12/12/06

A Virginia legislator seeks restrictions on pet owners who chain their dogs, saying change would cut canine aggression.

Chaining Often Brings Out the Worst in Dogs
By Adam Goldfarb -- HSUS, published 11/13/06

A Virginia legislator seeks restrictions on pet owners who chain their dogs, saying change would cut canine aggression.

The Humane Society of the United States Applauds Dog Bite Prevention Resolution
By Tracey McIntire, HSUS
published 09/27/06.
The Humane Society of the United States today applauded the introduction by U.S. Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter (R-11th/ Mich.) of a resolution encouraging municipalities to adopt and enforce protections against dog bites.

Danger on a Chain
By Cynthia Hubert
-- Bee Staff Writer, published 06/26/06.
Guard Dog, the surly canine character in the popular comic strip "Mutts," is a pitiable creature. Chained to a stake all day, he's got a fierce demeanor, an angry scowl and a deep need to be loved."How do you guard against loneliness?" he asks...

SPCA Spotlight
By Christine Ameduri, Gettysburg Times, published 03/1/06.
Imagine being locked in a room with no TV to watch, no radio to listen to and no computer to use. You have no newspaper or books to read and you don't have a telephone. You get no exercise because you are never permitted to leave your small room, so all you can do is pace the perimeter. Once or twice a day, someone comes to your door and leaves a tray of food and water for you...

Valentine's Campaign Aims to Bring Dogs in Off Chains
By Sandra Eckstein,
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, published 03/12/06.

Last month, 308 dogs in Georgia received Valentine's Day cards. Of course, few probably saw them. That's because all the dogs who received the greetings are kept on chains in their yards....

Living As Prisoners ... Longing to be Pets
By Sandy Moyer
, BellaOnline, published December 2005. Many dogs spend their whole lives in “solitary confinement,” fastened by the neck to the end of a chain. "Chaining" or "tethering" a dog .... fastening a dog to the end of a chain or tether that's attached to a tree, a dog house, a stake in the ground, or other stationary object ... is a cruel, inhumane practice that's all too common...

Man's Best Friend a Victim
Tom Hennessy
writes about the barking dog who is ignored time and again and about Los Angeles' ordinance to ban chaining dogs.

Tethered Dogs Might Be on a Short Leash
by Sabine C. Hirschauer,
published March 2005, gives an update on the status of chaining dogs in America.

There Ought to Be a Law....
Sarah Newman
St Louis Post-Dispatch Friday, April 01 2005

Life at the End of a Chain
Judith Fish, M.S.W.,
explains the psychology of a chained dog and that a chained dog has an address, not a home.

Dogs Do Deserve Better: No Chains or Pens for Life
Tammy S. Grimes
writes about the numerous reasons not to chain or pen a dog outside for life and her experiences with formerly chained dogs.

Does Your Dog Have "Quality of Life"?
The Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee Board
wrote this in response to neighbors' concerns about keeping dogs in less than desisrable conditions. It defines "quality of life" and would be good to give to indivuals who keep their dogs in those conditions.

LaVida De Un Perro Amarrado, Parte 1
Carla Cappalli
of the SPCA of Puerto Rico explains, in Spanish, the psychology of a chained dog.

Help Stop the Chaining of Dogs in our Community
Karen Hirsch has over 15 years experience working in rescue. Her column appears monthly in a Georgia newspaper.

Chains of Love? Think again
Written by Kris Johnson, an animal control officer in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dogs Deserve TLC, Not Chains
An Editorial by William Eisenhart, Jr. which ran in the Altoona Mirror
December 1, 2002. Powerful!

The Chain with the Forgotten Ball
Audrey Brothers, a volunteer and friend who just happens to have a column in a local paper as well has written her weekly column about Dogs Deserve Better. A beautiful poem by Edith Lassen Johnson is also included.

Dog's Need Time Off the Chain to Learn Good Behavior
Dr. Marty Becker, author of The Healing Power of Pets, has given us permission to post his recent article written for the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service.

Chained Dog Stories

My Trip To Loreto, Mexico
As told by Monica Schreiber

Severly Sunburned Dog Found with Skin Falling Off, Chunks of Bloody Skin Hanging Boxer Mix's Head, Back
August 12, 2008 -
Ryn Gargulinski, Tucson Citizen  http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/frontpage/93382.php  
Construction superintendent Wade Gardner went to work Wednesday only to be greeted by a horror show. He and another superintendent arrived at the midtown site, at the corner of North Dodge Boulevard and East Hardy Drive, to find a bleeding dog cowering in a dirt trench.

Man Charged with Beating Dog - Zanesville, OH
July 25, 2008 - As told by Whiznews.com -- A Zanesville man was arrested and charged in connection with the death of a dog on Pine street on Thursday afternoon. Authorities charged 55-year old Dwight Thompson with three misdemeanors.

Dog Rescued After Cruelty Complaint - Youngstown, PA
January 4, 2008 - As told by Vindy.com Newswatch -- A dog inside a muddy feces filled pen in the rear yard of 1510 Clay St. with a frozen chain around his neck so tight that it was cutting into his throat was rescued Thursday afternoon when police checked out a complaint of animal cruelty.

Neglected Dogs Rescued - Anchorage, AK
April 25, 2007 - As told by Mike Ross, KTUU TV-- Animal care rescued 21 dogs from a man in the Valley who was neglecting them. One of the dogs had an open wound around its middle, caused by a chain that had cut into its flesh.

Two Arrested on Dogfighting Charges; Animals Confiscated
April 20, 2007 - As told by Donna Hilton, Arkadelphia Daily Siftings Herald -- Deputies found several pit bull dogs tied and chained in the front yard of the residence. At least two of the dogs had fresh wounds, Turner said. .

A Borrowed Christmas
December 1 , 2006 - As told by Kathy Pippig Harris -- He first saw Mazy while on the job with the gas company. He had driven past an auto body parts business and she was running inside a small enclosure she was fenced in. There was no grass in the pen -- only dirt and a metal feeding dish.

Animal Control Workers Rescue Starving Dogs
November 6, 2006 - As told by Kristen Swing, Kingsport Times-News -- The conditions there were deplorable. The water bowls were full of slime, leaves and green algae. The only things in the food pans were leaves," Dobbs said. "A couple of the dogs were actually chained to their dog houses and could not leave the premises of that house.

Two Dogs Dead in Cruelty Case
September 21 , 2006 - As told by Curtis Johnson, The Herald-Dispatch Huntington -- Two of the 13 dogs police say were being abused and malnourished at a Cabell County home have died, and now the court process is beginning for the 69-year-old woman charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty.

Hundreds of Dogs Seized from Kennel
August 7, 2006 - As told by Mark Garay, KTRK, Liberty, TX - Over 250 pit bulls are being seized in Liberty County. Authorities say this is one of the largest operations they have ever seen.

The Life of Princeton
As told by Princeton's neighbor, Jennifer ODonnell.

Pit bulls bred for fights face destruction
As told by Lori Caldwell, Post Tribune
Blood oozes from a wound on a rescued pit bull at the Lake County, Ind., Animal Control shelter on Tuesday.

Rescued Pup Ready For Adoption
As told by Eric Flack, WAVE 3.
Three young children are being honored by the Louisville Kennel Club, after they saved the life of a dog left for dead.

Memories of Queenie
Told by a woman haunted by memories of her childhood dog's "life" on a chain

Snowball's Story
As told by and to reporter Audrey Thomasson
Snowball was the poster dog for Chain Off 2004

Choosing to Make a Difference
As told by and to reporter Audrey Thomasson
Brandy was the childhood dog of Wayne Pacelle, the new President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

A Chained Dog’s Life
Viki Elkey
, Daily Lobo columnist, relays the story of Timber, who was chained and then rescued.

A Daily Reality
Cherine Bissinger
shares an indepth view of the life of a chained dog.

For the love of Judith...and all others like her
Cherine Bissinger
was inspired by data documented on an animal rescue website.

Sign that Sweeney's Fine
Diana Morton
tells a sad tale of the neighbor's dog.

Dog Found Dead Frozen to the Ground
Authorities say they don't know "specifically" how the dog died but they are continuing to investigate and then will turn their findings over to the DA and additional charges may be filed.

St. Albens Humane Officer finds dog dead still tied to tree
Story by Nicky Walters, WOWK - Huntington,WV,USA
"I find it repulsive that a human being could do this," Rebecca Rickaby, neighbor, said. A St.Albans Humane Officer and St. Albans Police came to the house ...

Other Good Reasons NOT to Chain
a Dog for Life

Family dog injured in drive-by-shooting

LEHIGH ACRES - A late night drive-by shooting in Lehigh Acres left three children scared and a dog in the hospital. We visited the family and found out how a young boy's quick actions saved his family from a homemade bomb.

Grizzly bear charges N.W.T. hunters
Hunters in Wekweti, N.W.T., are tracking an injured grizzly bear after the animal killed a dog and charged some men around suppertime on Sunday."We got to shoot it.… We can't just leave it like that," said Roy Judas, who shot at the bear after it charged him and four other men in the community 200 kilometres north of Yellowknife. "He's a grizzly bear. He's big, he's wounded too, so it's scary."

Dog Rescued From Ala. Doghouse Fire
Jan. 15--If not for the quick action of her next-door neighbor, Emma Minor might have lost more than her South Street home to fire on Thursday.

DNRE: 43 such attacks since 1989
L'ANSE - Thirteen-year-old Colton Lahti of L'Anse lived a nightmare recently when his 8-pound bichon frise dog, Burban, was ripped from its chain and taken away by a much larger animal, that, by Colton's description, could only be a wolf. "I heard a yelp, and it was an unusual yelp from my dog," Lahti said. "I've never heard that yelp before, I ran to the door and opened it and looked where it usually is, and there was a wolf standing there, with my dog in his mouth."

Outside and Intact: Max's Story
November 10, 2007 - As told by DDB Rep, Janelle Kowal. Max's story. Why spaying and neutering is vital for all pets. I rescued Max, a senior Beagle 2 weeks ago. He spent his entire life of 9 years outdoors on a tether because he was a "hunting dog". Today, after almost a decade of existing as an "outside dog", Max is urinating blood and I have learned he has been overdosed on drugs for years to keep him from howling.

Man Kills Brown Bear Threatening His Dog
May 15, 2007 - The Anchorge Daily News, AK. A Kenai Peninsula man shot and killed a brown bear with a shotgun slug while the young bear threatened a chained dog, according to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist.

Humane Society Looks into Cruelty Cases
February 15, 2007 - The Ann Arbor News, MI.The Humane Society investigated 54 reports of dogs left outdoors in the near-zero or subzero weather last week, said Julie Curtis, animal cruelty investigator for the organization. In about half the cases, the dogs had no shelter or only partial or flimsy shelter, Curtis said.

Forgotten Victims of the Storm
February 14, 2007 - By Monica Kinley-Kuhn, President, HELP the Animals, Inc. Even as I felt the sting of the wind-whipped sleet against my cheeks, I couldn’t get his face out of my mind. It was less than half-way through the day, and the winter storm raged, another night of snow and bitter cold was promised. I wondered how he would survive through the night. I pondered how his family could leave him alone today, of all days, in this wicked weather. I could only guess how he must feel.

Chained Dogs Deserve Better
January 26, 2007 - The REPUBLICAN & Herald. It's the time of year when people notice the dogs chained to doghouses in their neighbors' backyards. They had probably forgotten about them since the hottest days of last summer, when their sad situation also attracted brief attention

Call Said Dog Was Frozen To The Ground
January 26, 2007 - West Virginia Media. FLUSHING, Ohio -- The Belmont County dog warden responded to 127 Marcatan Street Friday for a call that originally said a dog was frozen to the ground. Jesse James, a male black lab, was not frozen to the ground, but badly tangled in his chain and could not move.

Dogs Removed From Owners After Being Left Out In Cold
January 15, 2007 - TheDenverChannel.com, CO. Two pitbulls were removed from a home in Boulder County last week after neighbors called animal control, worried that the dogs had been left outside in extremely cold temperatures for several days.

One of the dogs suffered from frostbite and the other had to be euthanized because of the severity of its injuries, the Boulder Humane Society said.

Pets and Cold Don't Mix
December 8, 2006 - By Sarah Buynovsky, WNEP Newswatch 16, PA. With the colder temperatures here, people are being warned to keep their pets indoors. Already, local humane officers have been out on calls for animals left out in the cold.

Heat is on Again Today
August 2, 2006 - Heidelberg, PA -
A pit bull in Heidelberg chained to a 55-gallon drum used as a dog house died in the heat Tuesday as temperatures soared into the 90s throughout Pennsylvania.

Dog Euthanized After Days Chained in Yard
August 2, 2006 - Wilmington, DE-
The discovery of a sick dog chained for days to a man's back stoop in Wilmington led to cruelty charges against the alleged offender and the euthanasia of a brown-spotted white pit bull named Jewel on Wednesday.

Rottweiler Banned from Weathersfield after Attack on Jogger
July 22, 2006 - Weathersfield, VT-
Tethered Rottweiler breaks free from its chain to attack a passing jogger.

Okmulgee Animal Cruelty Incident Under Investigation
June 20, 2006 - Okmulgee, OK -
Okmulgee authorities are calling it the worst case of animal cruelty they've ever seen. What makes this crime unusual is the person poured "acid" on a dog while it was chained inside a fenced yard.

Shooting of Dog Prompts Complaints
May 16 , 2006 - Kansas City, KS - Two neighbors - one who owned a dog named Bubbles and one who shot her - are headed for court.

Two Charged in Beating - Couple arrested in drug house
April 13 , 2006 -Summerfield, FL - Two people accused of severely beating an elderly man, while a chained "guard" dog sat outside, unable to protect his owner.

Charges Dropped in Dog Mauling Case
March 8, 2006 -Cook County - Charges have been dropped against a South Georgia woman who's child was attacked and killed by a dog.

Animal Cruelty Case Raises Questions
March 7, 2006 - Bob Sims Road in Northern Colquitt County is quiet. There isn't a lot of traffic here, but one person driving along this road saw something disturbing. "There were nine puppies and a mama and the mama had died. She'd been chained to a tree," says Moultrie Humane Society Director Don Flowers..

Pastor Accused of Dumping Puppies from his Truck
February 8, 2006 - Jacksonville, FL - A Jacksonville pastor faces a felony charge after being accused of dumping starving puppies into the woods from the back of his truck

Pet Defenders - Volunteers, agencies handle animal cruelty cases
January 22, 2006 - Deby Bowen didn't know what to do. She was worried about her neighbors' dogs. The neighbors left them outside all the time every day...

Mother Charged in Dog Mauling
January 20, 2006 - A South Georgia woman whose child was mauled by a pit bull is now charged with murder.

City Steps up Enforcement of Animal Laws
December 8, 2005 - Crystal Sewell rushed out of her Chase Court home into the cold yesterday morning to confront a Louisville Metro Police officer and animal control officer who had come to check on her pets.

"You ain't gonna take my dog. You ain't gonna take my dog," she said,
racing to the Chow-mix puppy, chained to the fence without water or shelter..

Frozen Dog Animal Cruelty
A horrifying case of animal cruelty in Toledo, Ohio. A central Toledo man is facing charges tonight after his dog literally froze to death.

Animal Abusers Arrested: Dogs Died Of Freezing Cold
It's just like you being outside without a coat on. It's hard on the
animals. They require food, water, and shelter; especially shelter

City Steps up Enforcement of Animal Laws
The citations were among several issued during a special sweep yesterday in
Portland and western Louisville that aimed to crack down on people who
violate the city's animal laws -- regulations under scrutiny in recent weeks
after two deadly dog attacks.

Three Teenagers Charged in Dog Slaying
Three teens who allegedly wanted to kill something “not human” are being held at a state youth center and under house arrest after they allegedly cut, stabbed and beat to death a dog that they stole from the yard of a local resident.

Preventable tragedies: Humane groups say chaining dogs is cruel to the animals – and dangerous to children
For those who work to educate people on the cruelty and danger of keeping dogs on chains, the tragic news in April of two children killed by chained dogs within days of each other came as a sad shock but no real surprise.

Two state workers rescue Montana governor's dog
It's a lucky thing for the Montana governor's dog that two state workers happened by on a mid-day walk.

Man Charged With Shooting Three Dogs To Death
An Aurora man has been charged with killing three of his neighbors' dogs.

Married couple is accused of being involved in fighting ring
Eight dogs were seized by authorities investigating a Benbrook couple accused of involvement in a dog-fighting ring.

Pooch Attacked in Yard
She said the 5-year-old German shepherd mix has never had any problems with neighbors and is always chained in her back yard.

Dog's Accidental Hanging Won't Result in Charges
The Johnson County Humane Society said the incident serves as a good reminder about the way homeowners should care for their animals.

Charges Against Teen Upgraded After Dog He Allegedly Raped Dies
Now the dog has died and charges against the teen have been upgraded.

8-year-old injured: Pet Owner uses Knife, Kneels on Dog's Throat
A man stabbed his dog several times, and then killed it by digging his knee into its windpipe, after the dog had bitten an 8-year-old in the face.

Pit Bull Attacks Family Pet
Christine Thompson is going to keep her black Labrador mix dog Ozzy indoors from now on.

Dogs Hung, Poisoned
A reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who killed five wolf-hybrid dogs in Rancho Tehama.

Dog Neglect Cases
Dogs die from neglect on end of the chain. Some recent cases.

Ban Brutality, Not Breeds
Cherine Bissinger stands against the breed ban legislation,
suggesting better laws for cruelty such as chaining instead.

Banning Pit Bulls won't Solve Problem
Gina Spinadora's
take on the Pit Bull situation.

Prayer Alliance Prayer for Chained Dogs
Michelle Rivera
, founder of The Prayer Alliance, offers this prayer for outdoor dogs as they try to survive the winter cold.

Dogs are Freezing to Death!
Winter 2003 was a really bad winter, everywhere in the U.S. There is just no way to estimate how many chained and penned dogs are dying in this weather.
What can we do?

How Far People will go to Stop Laws

Member of Orange County's Chained-Dog Study Panel
has Ties to Dog-Fighting

April 11, 2007 - As told by Ashley Roberts, The Independent Weekly, NC.

Appointment Questioned
April 18, 2007 - As told by Ashley Roberts, The Independent Weekly, NC. A member of Orange County's Animal Services Advisory Board is calling for the removal of a member of the subcommittee studying whether the county should limit or ban the practice of chaining dogs

Orange Dog Panel Member Quits
April 25, 2007 - As told by Ashley Roberts, The Independent Weekly, NC. A member of Orange County's committee on dog tethering has resigned in the wake of an Indy investigation questioning her residency and her ties to dog fighting.

How to Address Common Complaints
from those who Chain

Make it Your Business
Valerie Entwistle addresses the "It's None of My Business" Syndrome.

No Dogs Running Free
Joan Sinden
explains that advocacy for unchaining and unpenning dogs
is not advocacy for allowing dogs to run free.

The Ultimate Goal in Using a Crate
Joan Sinden
helps educate how and when to use a crate to housetrain your dog. This is particularly useful for those bringing adult dogs into the home that have lived chained outside.

Rehabilitating Chained or Confined Dogs
One of the most important articles you will find here was written by
Debby Dobson
exclusively for our organization. Our thanks go out to her. This article addresses the potential for behavioral problems due to lack of socialization in chained or penned dogs. Debby speaks to this challenge, and provides insight into some of these issues.

How a Crate Can Save Your Sanity and Save Your Dog's Life
Tammy S. Grimes tells the tale of her first crate-training experience, what she learned, and how you can put that to use to bring your dog into the home.

Help to Train and Fence Your Dog

Can't Fence Me In? Alternatives to Traditional Fences
Dori Gilbert explains options to traditional fences and considerations to make when choosing which is right for your dog.

A Humane Answer for Dogs that Climb Over Fences
Written by Clova Abrahamson, this article explains a system she has devised to heighten a fence without starting over and incurring a ton of expense.

Managing Your Stress and Your Pets
Stan Popovich
writes about stress management techniques that will save the relationship with your pets.

Castles for Canines to Remedy the Plight of Outdoor Dogs
Rivera gives suggestions to the active activists about what to do when they see a dog who is forced to live outside.

Yes, You Too Can Foster!
Deb Carr, CPA, tells her foster story in hopes of convincing you too to open your home and heart to a formerly chained or penned dog.

Chained Poems

My World
A poem by
Heather Leughmeyer

A poem by
Marilyn Marinelli

A Dog's View-Life On A Chain
A poem by
Candace Bright

Look Out Your Window
A poem by
Stefani Sinclair

Chains Were Her Prison
A poem by
Kathy Pippig Harris

Animal Friendly
A poem by
Becky Reddford

Doing My Time
A poem by Jody Crowe

A Chained Dog's Prayer
A poem by
Andree Eisenberg

To the Unseen Dogs
A poem by Emilie Buchwald.

A Chained Dog's Life
A poem by Susan M. Garlock.

The Unspoken Truth
A poem by Angie Shade.

A poem by Robyn Kirby.

I'm Nobody Important
A poem by Barbara E. Rosen.

A poem by
Honey Sheperd.

God's Gift
A poem by
Marie Belanger.

The Chains that bind….should be a crime!
A poem by Caroline Marie O’Bryant.

Alone Again and Stray Prayer
Authors Unknown.

Nowhere in Sight...
A poem by Sandy Finamore.

Why Did You Buy Me?
A poem by Doris Gallagher.

The Dog Next Door.
poem by Katie Horan.

Another Great Chained Dog Site

A wonderful site advocating on behalf of chained dogs.
Emily provides recent article links, so we link to her for many things.

A Nashville, TN Chained Dog Organization

Greater Nashville Animal Welfare site.
Newly formed by Natalie Newman and Cindy Tomlinson to work on the chained dog issue in Nashville, Tennesee. Beautiful site!

Articles on Chained Dogs Elsewhere on the Net

"Facts about Chaining or Tethering Dogs"
"Chaining: Cruel, Unnecessary, and Too Often Overlooked"
"The Chained Dog Syndrome"

"A World Out of Reach"
"Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health"

Articles on How to Crate Train a Dog for Housebreaking

"Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?" Crate Training

Articles on Neglect/Abuse

Animal Awareness: Neglect
Animal Awareness: Six Dogs Seized from Randolph County Home
Animal Awareness: Remembering Your Outdoor Animals in Harsh Weather
Animal Awareness: Local Action Network

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