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Order Your Dogs Deserve Better
Educational Brochures

The Number One Way to make a difference in the lives of chained dogs and penned dogs in the short term is to get educational information into the hands of the caretakers.

These brochures, in both English and Spanish, will help you do that. Keep them in your car to deliver wherever you see a chained dog or penned dog; if part of a humane agency or rescue group, hand them out at booths, adoption fairs, or send out with packets; as an animal control officer or policeman/woman, pass them out to those keeping chained dogs or penned dogs, dogs in need of help and better living conditions.

We're excited to debut our latest full color English brochures! All new, more positive-focus, and more photos help get the job done.

And now, kid-friendlier, no graphic photos, suitable for all ages.
Written from the dog's perspective. Addresses dog fighting.

Education can and does work with many people! Even when we don't see immediate payoff for our efforts, rest assured you are making progress, one educational block at a time.

Note: By ordering from Dogs Deserve Better you are acknowledging that it may take as long as 3 weeks to receive your order. While every attempt is made to fill your order in a timely fashion, we are a small nonprofit, with a very streamlined staff. There are times we either get backlogged or other crucial DDB work must take precedence for a day or so. Most orders are filled within days, but we ask you to be patient when ordering...if you do not receive your order in 3 weeks, contact us. If you do not receive a thank you via e-mail in 3 days contact us. If you truly need it right away, please call to order so it can be placed in a priority manner.

We Now Take Phone Orders at 757-357-9292

English Brochures

50 for $5.97 (plus $3.00 S&H=$8.97)

75 for $7.97 (plus $4.00 S&H=$11.97)

100 for $8.97 (plus $5.00 S&H=$13.97)

You can Also Get Brochures as Part
of the 'Puddles Paks'

Puddles Peppy Pak

Spanish Brochures

50 for $5.97 (plus $3.00 S&H=$8.97)

75 for $7.97 (plus $4.00 S&H=$11.97)

100 for $8.97 (plus $5.00 S&H=$13.97)


"I will gladly pay you Tuesday
for a Veggie Burger today."

If you just can't pay, please let us know...it is most important to us that this information gets into the hands of those with chained dogs and penned dogs. We are trying to cover the cost of shipping, but we will gladly send them out to you without payment if you can assure us you will get them out into the community to help these dogs in need! E-mail info@dogsdeservebetter.org

If you prefer to order by mail, send check or money order to Dogs Deserve Better, 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430. If unable to print out the pdf, simply write your order on a sheet of paper to mail in.


Dogs Deserve Better 12" x 18" large Vehicle Magnets

Become a Mobile Billboard!

New! Yard Signs

No Chaining/
No Fighting Attire
and Gifts



Contact Info: Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430 • 757-357-9292
email: info@dogsdeservebetter.org