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Saturday, July 1, 2006 Began the Dogs Deserve Better
Fourth Annual Chain Off. Below, See Photos,
Wrapup from All Locations

Chain Off 2006 Locations/Events Nationwide

Tammy Grimes was Chained 39 Hours
11 Contestants Chained to Doghouses
as long as Thirteen Days
Leidy Park, Mundys Corner, PA
Actor Adrian Zmed and Cheryl Hill, DDB Spokespersons Attended
Press Call 814.941.7447

Chain Off photoDogs Deserve Better celebrated its 4th Annual Chain Off Event with something new and inspired this year: A Chain Off Contest where humans lived as chained dogs! The event took place in Mundys Corner, Pennsylvania, beginning July 1st, and continued all the way to July 13th. We would love to tell you who won the contest and took home the new car as a prize, but you'll have to do your homework to see for yourself, as we don't want to spoil the fun! Each day's synopsis follows, click the links below to read all about it and see excerpts from the contestants journals.

Special Congratulations go to Mikael Hardy (pictured above), winner of the People's Choice Award! Mikael brought in 857 votes in the form of donations. Aija Gillman followed in second place, and Tom Frank came in third. Mikael chose to donate her $200 winnings to Speak for Animals of Greenville, South Carolina. Thanks to everyone who voted for our People's Choice Awards!

Contest-Day One/Two & Synopsis, Photos: First to Go
Contest-Day Three/Four & Synopsis, Photos: Who Left Next?
Contest-Day Five/Six & Synopsis, Photos: And Then There Were Six...
Contest-Day Seven/Eight & Synopsis, Photos: Now Down to Five
Contest-Day Nine/Ten & Synopsis, Photos: Eliminations Begin
Contest-Day Eleven/Twelve & Synopsis, Photos: Only Two Left
Contest-Day Thirteen & Synopsis, Photos: And the Winner Is...

Contest-Day Fourteen & Synopsis, Photos:
Closing Ceremonies and Award of Chevy Aveo

Event Press Release
Contestant Press Release

Finale Press Release
Don Takes Nikki Off Chains Press Release

Event T and Water Bottle Combo Sets, Only $11.75!
Don't miss out on this amazing deal! When they're gone their gone...Select from Green as worn by Aija, Stephen, Shawn, and Susan, or Cream, as worn by Don, Tom, Jacqueline, Mikael, Heather, Jacob, and Corey.

Terri Bunge and Amy Smith
9am-5pm Each Day Chained to Doghouses
Hi-way Pizza, N. Atherton parking lot.
Awareness Booth and Bake Sale
Press Call 814.360.9058 • 814.880.1748

This is the third year Amy and I have been involved in the chain off. The one big difference this year was Tammy’s absence. We missed her presence but knew she was doing important work in Mundy’s Corner. The other difference is that Amy and I were chained this year....See Pics and Read More

Erin Blais
24 Hours Chained to Doghouse
25 Louise Ave
Lewiston ME 04240

Erin Blais did a 'one woman solidarity' 24 hours in her own backyard! We strongly urge you to do the same next year if you cannot get a bigger event organized for your area...Erin still got great media attention with little prep time and little ongoing effort, as well as garnered donation money for her local rep, Susanna Richer, to vet dogs.

She says:

"It was quite an experience. I was very bored most of the time but I knew that it wouldn't be forever. I think the first and last 2 hours were the hardest. I did feel very secluded and alone. I could hear my husband and nephews playing in the pool, it was awful...I so wanted to join them. I think I can somewhat understand how a chained dog feels. When I heard my husband coming I was very excited at the prospect of a little attention. It was strange to feel that way. I see people all the time and usually welcome the chance to be alone for a little while but I guess that is something I've taken for granted.

My husband was great through the whole thing. I think he felt badly for me (even though it was my choice) he brought me "treats", and made sure I had plenty of water. At one point he tried to sneak the radio speaker out the front door so I could hear it but I told him no, that's not fair.

People would come by to see what I was doing so that something to look forward too as well. I was glad when it was all over and the first thing I did was go inside to see my own dogs who I missed very much through those long 24 hours.

I was on 2 news channels, one that ran the story at least 8 times!!  The other news channel put a link on their site, for more information and it's still on there. I was also featured on a local newspaper website but she never put a follow up in there. I should be in an upcoming issue of Downest Dog News which is another local newspaper that comes out once a month.  And we can't forget about the local talk radio show that Susanna got us on last week too."

Monica Kinley-Kuhn & Sam Hogenaur
24 Hours Chained to Doghouses
City of Richmond
Municipal Building
50 N. 5th Street
Press Call 765.962-6811

We were VERY pleased with the publicity that we got from our participation in Chain Off 2006 this year!  We made the HEADLINES of the local newspaper (DUO PLEADS CASE FOR CHAINED DOGS) on the 3rd of July and our efforts were well reported on two local radio stations...See Pics and Read More

Lois Rose
8am-6pm Chained to Doghouse
Wilson Park in West Carrollton
from 8am till the fest is over at 6pm
Press Call 937.748.3434

Ohio Rep Lois Rose organized a booth and chaining on July 4th at Wilson Park in West Carrollton from 8am till the fest was over at 6pm. Pictured above are Gail Downie, Lois Rose and Deb D. Not pictured are Ronda Houston and Christina Somerset, who sold jewelry and scrapbooking supplies with a percentage going to DDB. More info on the success of the event to come!

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