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The dogs in Everett, PA, living chained/penned in the mud/feces/and underweight

by Tamira Ci Thayne on Wednesday, 09 March 2011 at 18:30

Everett, Pa -- I must first say that I am seriously regretting posting pics of the dog I THOUGHT I would have rescued by the next day when the officer acted like he would pull them. I should have waited until it was a sure thing so you all didn't have to suffer along with me, but I got excited and posted anyway. My bad.

Now I have many new friends who all want to know what is going on with the dog. And that's because the photo IS heartwrenching, and the dog deserves a hell of a lot better than she has. I get that. After observing her first-hand, I want more than anything to wrap her in loving arms and never let her go.

Here's the situation in a nutshell. (read more)

Waynesboro, VA woman convicted in pit bull cruelty case

Waynesboro, Va -- Judge William D. Heatwole convicted Tonya Washington, 41, of the 400 block of North Augusta Avenue, on animal cruelty and abandonment charges. The charges stemmed from a Dec. 14 phone call to police about a 2-year-old pit bull left chained in the backyard of a vacant, neighboring house.

When police arrived at the house, they found the emaciated dog, chained to a tree in the backyard, said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos.

In photographs taken by police, the black-and-white pit bull, “Tip,” stood in an inch of snow with his head hanging low. Officers later discovered the chain, attached to a choke collar, had embedded itself into the dog’s neck, Camblos said. (read more)

Woman charged with letting dogs freeze and starve to death

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville woman is charged with animal torture and cruelty after police found a dog and a puppy frozen to death in the backyard of her Newburg home.

Police say the animals were kept outside in extreme cold, freezing rain, and snow for a week in the 5100 block of Garden Green Way. (read more)

Southwest, VA - Dogs Deserve Better Represents 2 Chained And Neglected Dogs In Court. Verdict - GUILTY!

January 28th, 2011 - Giles County Virginia General District Court

Today 2 chained and neglected dogs were victorious!! In July, 2009 just weeks after becoming a Dogs Deserve Better Representative, Shannon Allen received an anonymous complaint regarding multiple chained dogs located at 110 Peak Lane in Pembroke, VA. After multiple attempts to speak with owner's and leaving dog food, treats, and straw over a 9 month period; one of the residents told Shannon to stay off of their property. Shannon then turned the case over to Animal Control. (read more)

Could a member of God's flock have shot the shepherd in the head during the season of compassion?


by Tamira Ci Thayne
Friday, January 7, 2011 at 11:51pm

Nonprofit offers $1000 reward to information leading to arrest and prosecution of dog abuser

TIPTON, PA - Dogs Deserve Better, a national rescue and advocacy group dedicated to ending the suffering of chained and penned dogs, is offering a $1000 reward to anyone giving information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the abuser who shot a shepherd in the head outside a Catholic church sometime between Christmas and January 3, 2011.

While Christmas should be the season of compassion, it seems the parishioners of Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Frugality, PA missed the memo this year, and sources say not only did the priest ask the congregation to 'get rid of the dog' who had started hanging around during the Christmas season, but parishioners were reportedly saying things like "don't go over to the left of the church, there's a shepherd lurking over there."
(read more)

Warning for pet owners: Cold weather deadly for dogs & cats

DoPosted: 12/21/2010
Last Updated: 12 hours and 55 minutes ago

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The brutal cold weather blasting the Detroit area is causing the tragic deaths of pets left outdoors. The Michigan Humane Society says investigators have responded to an extremely high number of cold weather related calls that in many cases ended with devastating results for families.

“The Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Investigation team picked up four dead dogs this weekend – they were someone’s pets, yet they suffered outside and slowly died due to frozen water bowls, too little food, and inadequate shelter to withstand the elements,” said Chief Cruelty Investigator Debby MacDonald. (read more)

Neglect Suspected After Dead Dogs Found
In North Versailles Yard

Jeremy Brinson

Delray Beach man charged with animal cruelty

Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010
By Alexandra Seltzer
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 7:51 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010
Posted: 8:36 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010

DELRAY BEACH — When questioned about the six dogs chained in his back yard, Jeremy Sherrod Brinson, 29, said his name was Shawn Davis and that some of the dogs belonged to an "associate."

He later was charged with cruelty to animals and providing a false name, and was booked into Palm Beach County Jail on Nov. 27 when deputies determined that not only had he given a false name, but that he was the one responsible for the dogs' unhealthy living conditions, according to a police report.

A Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control special investigator first went to Brinson's home on NW 5th Avenue in mid-August after she received reports of animal abuse.

In the report, the special investigator said the dogs were kept in "makeshift pens," were tied with "chains" and had no "fresh water readily available in spite of the hot climate," among other bad conditions.

One of the dogs, described as a red female pitbull mix was "emaciated," the report said.
(read more)

Man charged with letting dog starve to death

Richard Ray Bridges

Tuesday, Sep 14 2010, 10:26 am
Corey Friedman

A Lawndale man is accused of abandoning a chained dog and allowing it to starve to death.

Richard Ray "Ricky" Bridges, 39, of 138 Ball Park Road, Unit 1, left a pit bull mix chained without food last Friday, according to Cleveland County Animal Control.

Bridges “did willfully abandon said animal while it was secured to a chain, and subsequently the animal remained restrained and abandoned until it died,” an arrest warrant states.

Bridges was charged Tuesday with killing an animal by starvation and abandonment of an animal. He was booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center under a $2,500 secured bond and is scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday (read more)

Authorities rescue 12 scarred pit bulls from Acworth home

12 pits

By Brande Poulnot

Investigators say they found postcards fashioned from photographs of a bloodied and swollen American Pit Bull Terrier during a recent search of an Acworth home. Bartow County Sheriff's Office investigators -- along with Norred & Associates private eyes, and Bartow County Animal Control and Atlanta Humane Society personnel -- served the search warrant Aug. 2 at 4193 Creek Trail in Acworth, but the man accused of running at that home a dogfighting breeding and training operation, Ricky Lee Hurley, 47, was arrested Monday after reporting to BCSO to speak with investigators. (read more)

2 Arrested, Charged After Dog Found Tethered to Tree

September 15, 2010 GREENSBORO N.C. —Police arrested two people in connection with an animal cruelty case involving a dog that was left chained to a tree for up to two months without food or shelter.

Investigators said Nellie Brock and Wilbert Morrison Junior, both 55, split up and abandoned their home on Willow Place in High Point. When the couple left the home, they left Chamberlin, a lab mix, chained to a tree in the backyard, according to police.

Officials said the dog was likely chained for at least two months without food or shelter. (read more)

Lee County, Fl Woman arrested, charged with animal cruelty

UPDATE: 8/17/2010 - At approximately 2:00 PM,on August 16th, 2010 Frances Rochford was sentenced for her role in inflicting pain and suffering of three dogs removed from her property earlier this year. For the felony and two misdemeanors she was charged with, Frances received the following: one year in jail, one year of house arrest, one year probation, over three thousand dollars in fines, collection of her DNA, submittal to random drug testing after her completion of her incarceration, and mandatory psychiatric and anger management counseling.Conditions of her probation, once she is released from jail, include the inability to take part in any activities relating to animals while on probation.She can not be in the care, custody, or control of any animals (domestic or otherwise) during this time as well.

Words can not express our gratitude for all of the support our agency receives. It is my sincere hope that offenders see these cases as examples and think twice before committing these crimes in our great county.

Adam W. Leath
Operations Manager and Chief of Animal Control
Lee County Domestic Animal Services

Woman arrested, charged with animal cruelty
Posted: May 24, 2010 6:02 PM EDT Updated: May 24, 2010 6:23 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY: A North Fort Myers woman was arrested after investigators say she neglected to give her dogs food and water.

Neighbors watched as three pit bulls sat for hours in scorching heat with no food and water outside a North Fort Myers home.
"They had the chain on the rope to the brick so they let it out in the yard and it didn't escape," said neighbor Rose Johns.

Lee County Sheriff's deputies attempted to rescue the three dogs in February from Frances Rochford's home.

One was saved, another found dead, while the third had to be put down.

"There was water and electricity to the house," said Lee County Animal Services Director Ria Brown. "There is no need to not provide good food and water." (read more)

Woman Allegedly Starves Chained Pitbull
to Death in Greensboro, North Carolina

Aisha Luper

F/INAL UPDATE: 8/16/2010
NO justice for Willow.

Kanisha Logan, who starved her chained dog to death and left her body lying in her backyard for 4 days in Greensboro, NC, had her day in court today. She plead guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty through a plea bargain. Although the stomach contents were examined at the animal shelter and found to be empty, this alone does not prove starvation. A necropsy should have been performed and it wasn't. The defendant, Kanisha Logan, received 100 hours of community service (cleaning horse stables) & she is not allowed to possess or care for a dog for 5 years. The Judge, Teresa Vincent, could not give more based on our current laws & no necropsy. She did say,"Dogs & Cats are helpless & rely on us for love & to take care of them. No one forced you to take this dog". (read more)

Indiana (3 Dogs Die From Heat) Cruelty Case

August 5, 2010, Evansville, Indiana
—Evansville Police Department officers said they found dead dogs at three residences Wednesday. All of the dogs were outside, and the officers' reports suggest that Wednesday's record high temperature was a factor in their deaths. A record temperature of 102 degrees was recorded around 2:50 p.m. Wednesday, according the National Weather Service, and heat indexes exceeded 110 degrees at several points throughout the day. (read more)

Dog dies of heatstroke, owner faces charges

August 5, 2010, Cottage Grove, MN
—A Cottage Grove resident whose dog died of heat stroke while out in hot, humid weather on Tuesday faces animal cruelty charges.

Charges are pending against Jonathan J. White, 26, whose 2- to 3-year-old black and tan pit bull was spotted tied to a tree in the 8000 block of Scott Boulevard around noon Tuesday, said Cottage Grove Police Department Capt. Pete Koerner.

The dog could not access shelter or water, he said. Police later learned that there was a water bowl out in the yard that had been tipped over, but the dog had wrapped itself so tightly around the tree it was tied to that it wouldn’t have been able to reach the bowl if it had contained water, he said. (read more)

Dog killed when thrown through window

July 5, 2010, Ontario, Canada
—Stanly was found dead inside this Lakeshore, Ont., home on Sunday morning after apparently being thrown through a glass window, said police.

A family near Windsor, Ont., wants to know why someone would throw their family dog through a window, killing the animal.

Police are investigating the death of Stanly, a two-year-old German shepherd/collie mix, who died early Sunday.
(read more)


Nebraska (Bear) Cruelty Case

Buck Bear 1

July 3, 2010, NebraskaActing on a tip, we accessed where Buck and Bear lived from the neighbors property to take pictures. Bear is the bigger dog that was in a pen with a metal shed. It was 95 degree's the day we were there. Bear was wimpering, which isn't unusual for dogs that are penned or chained. I think most times it is anxiety. But not this time. Bear would die that night. (read more)

Seven Chained And Abandoned Dogs In Tyrone

Seven Dogs in Tyrone

March 7, 2010, Tyrone, PA —Dogs Deserve Better is asking the question they've asked every day for the last three House and Senate sessions: How long, Pennsylvania? How long must chained dogs wait for a law protecting them from this abuse? Dogs Deserve Better had heard rumors of dogs chained in the mountains off Gypsy Camp Hollow Rd. in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. An anonymous tip on the location sent them out to investigate the situation. (read more)

Dog advocate charged with trespassing after providing straw to underweight dogs chained in freezing temps

boxer cambria county

February 6, 2010, Altoona, PA — Dog advocate Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit working solely on behalf of chained and penned dogs, spent the coldest night of the year sleepless despite being snug and warm in her bed.

The faces of dogs chained out in single-digit temperatures and sub-zero windchills haunted her, and she worried if these dogs would survive the night in their inadequate houses, many of which contained not even the single insulating element that could well save their lives: straw.

Determined to help local dogs, she rose early and, with another DDB volunteer, took straw, food, and water to some of the worse cases. (read more)

Buster Returns to the Man who Really Loves Him

Buster Reunited

November 18, 2009, Harrisburg, PA—Dogs Deserve Better received an urgent e-mail from Zella Anderson of Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, requesting help for Neal Brooks from the Harrisburg, PA area. Seems that Neal, a man who uses a wheelchair due to loss of one leg, had gone to Tennessee with his dog to a relative's home, spent a couple of months there, but was unable to get a ride home, having to take the bus back.

He was assured Buster would be fine until he was able to find a way to bring him home.

After arriving back in Harrisburg, Neal became ill and was hospitalized. Once out of the hospital, he tried in vain to find someone to take him back to Tennessee to get his dog. No one would help. He heard that his dog, a cocker mix named Buster, was now living chained outside, with very little food and water, and no shelter. (read more)

Finally! A Chained Dog Abuse Case Goes as it Should
Seven Dogs in Barn

September 6, 2009, Tyrone, PA—The anonymous tip to Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Ci Thayne said only two things: dogs were abandoned at a property in Centre County near Tyrone, Pennsylvania, and there were at least two starved, chained shepherds on the property.

Dogs Deserve Better, who works on numerous fronts to end the suffering endured by dogs that are kept perpetually chained or penned, is currently pushing a Pennsylvania bill, HB1254, which would limit the amount of time a dog can spend chained, thereby granting dogs more of the protection that should be required by law. (read more)

St. Bernards Suffering in Johnstown, PA

St. Bernards Suffering

July 31, 2009, Johnstown, PA—Tamira C. Thayne, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, went to the scene of reported dog abuse in Johnstown, PA around 7 pm, Thursday night, July 30, 2009. She and a fellow rescuer witnessed a tragic scene of three poorly cared for dogs, two of them St. Bernards, living behind an apparently abandoned storage building.

The dogs' condition reportedly appeared poor at best. Upon further investigation one of the dogs was found lying in a dog house, appearing dead until gently nudged serveral times. The dog lifted it's head and appeared to be having difficulty getting up. (read more)

Justice For Shepp

Justice for Shepp

September 22, 2008, Corpus Christi, TX —After being dumped off at an abandoned home in Corpus Christi, TX, a German Shepherd was found in horrific conditions last week on 9/16/08. Parts of his bones were exposed due to constant friction from trying to move. No arrests have been made.

Laying on the concrete, unable to even get up from his side and with what appeared to be a wound on his neck was a dog laying under a carport. Barely within reach was an overturned bucket with some dry food. (read more)

Six Canines Rescued From Cruelty and Neglect

August 1, 2008, Gayla Frances Evans—August first, 2008 was quite a lucky day for six neglected dogs which were kept in filth and extremely deplorable conditions for who knows how long. They had no food or water bowls although water was provided by a good Samaritan. Flies and rats were their only company.

Three of the dogs were boarded up in a barn stall for literally months. Being totally isolated, they could not get away from their own excrement and the foul stench that eminated from their small enclosure. We had to trudge along 5 feet of disgusting muck, which was at least a foot deep. Finally we freed them from the living hell which they had endured for so long. (read more)

Grimes Arrested for Helping Dying Chained Dog

September 11, 2006—Tammy Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, was arrested September 11, 2006 for helping a dying chained dog named Doogie who could not stand in East Freedom, Pennsylvania.Below are the details of the case, with photo and video documentation.

Tammy's statement: "I made a hard decision; I could not have lived with myself or looked myself in the eye if I were such a coward as to leave Doogie lying there dying on the ground for fear of what would happen to me. I see this case as a travesty against justice...the true perpetrators of a crime are the people who left Doogie to lie there dying for three days without doing right by him. I am very saddened that we live in a society where people have to be afraid to do the right thing, to help those in need, whether that need be human or animal. (read more)

Snowball in State College Trailor Park

Snowball State College


First Man Sentenced Under Susie's Law

jimmy lee spears

CASWELL COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A Caswell County man has become the first in North Carolina to be sentenced under Susie's Law. Jimmy Lee Spears, Jr., took a plea deal on Tuesday, court officials said. He pleaded guilty to three charges of felony killing an animal by starvation and was sentenced to three consecutive terms of 19 to 23 months in prison. (read more)

Alfred Lee Dixon, Jr. Cruelty Case

Alfred Lee Dixon

Darlington, South Carolina — Darlington man is charged with animal endangerment after the city’s animal control officer found nine of his dogs malnourished and tethered with logging chains up to 2 inches in diameter. It marks the fourth animal cruelty case reported in the Pee Dee within the past month. Alfred Lee Dixon Jr., 37, of 107 Cotton St., Darlington, was arrested July 8, according to a Darlington Police Department incident report released Friday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. (read more)

Charles Bell Cruelty Case

Charles Bell

June 23, 2010, South Carolina — On June 23, City Animal Control received a call about a dog at a residence in the city of Florence...they found a dead dog...in a small transport crate...in the hot sun...no water...over 100 degrees...the dog had been there for two days...someone had asked if they could move the dog to the shade...the owner refused. (read more)

Dog Death - He Could See Water, But Not Reach It
Owner Could Face Criminal Charges For
Chaining Black Lab In Yard During Heat Wave

Hillsboro NC

June 22, 2010, Hillsboro, MO —Police are calling it a case of pure animal neglect. Investigators say a dog died in the heat in Hillsboro, Missouri, after its owner left it chained outside without being able to get to water or shade. Police say the dead dog, a black lab between seven months and a year old, was discovered by a neighbor cutting grass. A young boy also noticed the dead dog. (read more)

Dog Dies of Animal Cruelty, Owner Arrested

Phoenix AZ

June 23, 2010, Phoenix, AZ —A 19-year-old man has been arrested on two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of animal neglect after his dog dies of apparent heat exposure. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office responded to Kenneth Tucker's residence last week to check an animal's welfare. When the deputy arrived, the deputy saw a large dog in the backyard inside a cage that was much too small. (read more)

Woman Charged After Dead Dog was Found Chained to Pole

Elon NC

June 19, 2010, Elon, NC —An Elon woman was charged with animal cruelty after police say they found a dead puppy chained to a telephone pole behind her house Saturday morning. Elon Police say they received a tip that a dead puppy was tied to a pole in Priscilla Little's back yard. Little says she noticed that her mix breed puppy, Fuzzy, was dead Friday night and planned to bury her today. "I was like 'Fuzzy -- Fuzzy.' I reached down and I turned around and I was like she's dead." Little said. (read more)

Tracia L. Johnson Abuse Case

Tracia L. Johnson

June 7, 2010, Bellville, MOA Cahokia woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge stemming from an incident in which her dog was found abandoned with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck. Tracia L. Johnson, 34, pleaded guilty on one count of cruelty to animals and was sentenced by St. Clair County Judge Laninya Cason to one year of probation. Johnson also is forbidden from owning an animal during the probationary period, must complete 250 hours of community service and forfeit her $1,000 bond as a fine. (read more)

Kevin Ray Meads Case In Iowa


CLARINDA, IOWA. -- On Wednesday March 3, 2010 the body of a dog was found dead in the back yard of 327 East Clark St, The dog was frozen to the ground. All attempts to free the body were unsuccessful so they then pulled the pickup into the driveway and hooked the chain that the animal was tied to around the back of the pickup and pulled the animal free from the ground. (read more)

Yolanda Glover Cruelty Case in Nebraska

Yolanda Glover

OMAHA, NEBRASKA. --An Omaha woman could spend five years in prison for leaving her dog outside in single–digit weather for two weeks, without any food or water.

32–year–old Yolanda Glover waived her preliminary hearing on Tuesday, after being charged with felony animal abandonment.

"Very few cases get charges as felony animal cruelty, shows this is a serious situation," said Mark Langan with the Nebraska Humane Society. (read more)

Pit Mix Abuse Case In South Carolina


Police charged a Rock Hill woman with animal cruelty after her dog was found living in squalor. An officer found the dog chained outside Karen Erby's home at 305 Marshall St., a police report said. The dog appeared as if it had been sick for a while, though it did have access to a food bowl, water and shelter, an incident report noted.

On January 21, 2010, police arrested Erby and charged her with cruelty to an animal.

Veterinarians found that motor oil had been poured over the dog's coat. Some pet owners falsely believe motor oil is a cure for mange, said veterinary technician Ramie Pratt, who is helping treat the dog at Ebenezer Animal Hospital. The dog was at least 15 pounds underweight and suffered from a skin infection, intestinal parasites and a heart murmur, Pratt said. Staffers decided to nickname the dog “Hope” because they believe she can recover. (read more)

Trey GS Abuse Case In Tennessee

Trey TN

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. -- When a German Shepherd was starved, paralyzed and chained to a post, the Clarksville Humane Society called it one of the worst animal abuse cases it had ever seen. That case is set to go to court Tuesday, and many want to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed. "His picture will be in my mind forever," said Humane Society Director Amy Shaver. In May of 2009, the Clarksville Humane Society found Trey the 14-year-old German shepherd paralyzed and chained at a home on Susan Drive. (read more)

Courage GS Abuse Case In California

March 2010, California Courage is improving & now wants to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! This is a good sign. More tests to monitor his condition are scheduled this week. He is not classified as critically ill any longer. Instead he is now in a "somewhat stablized" mode. Courage is not entirely out of the woods, but is no longer on death's door. He is not ready for visitors yet, as he needs rest and minimal excitement at this time. (read story)

Andi Elliot Tresspassing Case In Idaho

Andi Elliot Case

March 2010, IdahoAs the defendant in a criminal trespass case that has been scheduled since November, I am writing to express my concerns with the actions of the above county officials. It was my intent to wait until after the trial today but now, late yesterday afternoon, (after a witness from Boise and supporters from out of state have traveled to Idaho Falls) I have been told that it is rescheduled until May 4th. This last minute request for delay is inexcusable and especially in light of the fact that just last week in court, Mr. Dunn told the judge that the trial would take an hour. Also, I assume, that a timeframe of 6 months is still considered under the Constitution to be a “speedy” trial.

I have been charged with criminal trespass and you would think from the actions of the prosecutor and the time and resources devoted to this case that it is a capital murder offense. A Jefferson County Deputy (we have his written statement) asked me to go offer assistance to the owner of a dog who had been hit by a car and had multiple broken legs and had been left in the owner’s yard in the snow trying to nurse 7 or 8 puppies for, at that point in time, 3 days. Because of the failure of Sheriff Olsen to enforce Ch 25-3511 of the Idaho Codes, the dog was allowed to suffer “needlessly” for 5 days before help from outside of the county arrived to vet the dog.. (read more)




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