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Order a Dogs Deserve Better
Yard or Hi-way Sign: Mini Billboards
at an Affordable Cost!

We've come up with another way you can help Chained/Penned Dogs!

While DDB posters are a great way to educate others and spread the word, they have a very limited lifespan out in the elements, typically lasting only a week to two weeks in good weather, less with a lot of rain. We know...we do a lot of posting in the outdoors!

Billboards, although effective with long-term use, are cost-prohibitive for us as an organization, and outside of a few educational boards here and there, we cannot as of yet afford to make great use of this outdoor venue. (However, if you can raise money to pay for one in your area, we'll chip in $100 per billboard, click this link to learn more.)

We've come up with these small yard signs as a way to bridge that gap! They hold up for months outside, and will be seen by those driving by for a long, long time before wearing out.

The signs are blue and white, 18"x 24" in size, and printed on both sides; they will be mailed to you with the wire post that you see in the illustration. These can then be posted right in your yard or a highly visible place in your town or community.

Note: By ordering from Dogs Deserve Better you are acknowledging that it may take as long as 2 weeks to receive your order. While every attempt is made to fill your order in a timely fashion, we are a small nonprofit, with a very streamlined staff. There are times we either get backlogged or other crucial DDB work must take precedence for a day or so. Most orders are filled within days, but we ask you to be patient when ordering...if you do not receive your order in 2 weeks, contact us at info@dogsdeservebetter.org. If you do not receive a thank you via e-mail in 3 days contact us. If you truly need it right away, please call to order so it can be placed in a priority manner.

We Now Take Phone Orders at 757-357-9292

1 Chained Dog Yard Sign

$7.97 (plus $8.00 S&H=$15.97)

2 Chained Dog Yard Signs

$12.97 (plus $10.00 S&H=$22.97)

5 Chained Dog Yard Signs

$30.97 (plus $15.00 S&H=$45.97)

10 Chained Dog Yard Signs

$50.97 (plus $20.00 S&H=$70.97)

If you prefer to order by mail, send check or money order to 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430, making sure to let us know quantities and shipping info.


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