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Our Biggest Fundraiser of the YEAR! Chain Off 2010 Needs YOU!

DDB E-News 6/1/2010

Our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year! Chain Off 2010 Needs You!

Chain Off 2010 is only a month away! And we only have 34 chainees? And 16 states plus British Columbia? Please say it ain't so!

Last year we had over 100 people in over 30 states. WE NEED YOU to stand for chained dogs!

Why does Chain Off matter? It puts us in their paws. Many people love their own dogs, but don't stop to think that there's thousands of their exact breed living chained at this moment. Chaining on behalf of the dogs raises awareness for their plight. In that moment, they are not forgotten. Please join us this year for Chain Off 2010.

Plus, our push for greater awareness is paired with our biggest fundraiser of the YEAR!

We need your support to reach our goal of $60,000 to help save the lives of dogs who have lived at the end of a chain-- hungry, lonely, and neglected. So far Chain Off has had a VERY SLOW start, so your support now is more important than ever! So far we have only raised $3650 to save dogs from miserable lives at the end of a chain.

You can help by donating or participating today!Get signed up! Donate for your favorite individual or team!

Are you following our friendly fundraising competition? If you remember, the last two years Rhonda Sims has kicked Tamira Thayne's butt in their friendly donation competition. Currently, Shannon Allen of VA is #1 with $1335; Bobbie Oliver of TX is #2 with $545; and Tamira Thayne is #3 with $400. Donate to one of these worthy candiates or someone in your area!

For those of you not familiar with Chain Off, Chain Off has been held annually around the 4th of July since 2004 and highlights the reality that while Americans are celebrating their freedom, there are tens of thousands of man's best friends in every state who are still not free. These dogs are found in backyards stretching from Delaware to Alaska, Maine to Hawaii, throughout the provinces of Canada, and around the world.

This year's main event has two locations-- Alachua, FL and at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. We have others across the country that are planning Chain Off events in their neighborhoods. See all the locations and participants!

Join one of these events or start your own! Or you can click to sponsor any one of the participants.

Our fundraising page is up and going at www.firstgiving.com/dogsdeservebetter. You can create a webpage to raise funds and send to all your family and friends. If you have questions, contact Tereza Marks at tereza@dogsdeservebetter.org.

For more information visit our website

MissionFish- A Great Way to Raise Money for DDB

Do you have old items to sell on EBay? Do you purchase items from EBay? If so, you can also help DDB. Through www.missionfish.org you can sell your old items and donate the profits to DDB. Now you can also donate as little as $1 to DDB when checking out using PayPal on your EBay purchases and when designating DDB as one of your Favorite Charities. For more information go to http://www.missionfish.org/help/receiving-donations/us_give-at-checkout.html

Are You on Facebook? Check Out Our Causes and Donate to Chain Off 2010

In addition to raising money for Chain Off through our Firstigiving pages, we have intiated a Chain Off 2010 through our 13 affliated Causes on Facebook. We are hoping to raise an additional $20,000 from our Facebook friends and social networking. If you are on Facebook, join one of our Causes (download the Causes application then search Dogs Deserve Better). Once you join, you will have the opportunity to donate through Causes secure website to Chain Off 2010. You will also receive updates on our progress... SO FAR WE HAVE RAISED OVER $1000 FOR CHAIN OFF 2001 THROUGH OUR CAUSES CAMPAIGN. Thank you Facebook friends!

Children's Book Main Character Contest

Speaking of raising funds, one way to help with our major fundraising effort is to sponsor our newest children's book and get a chance to have YOUR DOG be the star of the show! So far we've had only 12 sponsors! 12! We thought we'd be engulfed with people wanting the chance to get their dog in the book, please help us get this book off the ground as it's so needed in our schools, while earning yourself the chance to have a lot of extra fun! Sponsor TODAY.

Dogs Deserve Better will be publishing our second children’s book in October of 2010, entitled A New Name for Worthless, and this time we're looking for the STAR of the show!

Written and illustrated by Rocky Shepheard, it’s a delightfully poignant tale of the love of a man for his dog, and the lengths both man and dog will go to for each other and freedom.

There are lots of fun characters to add camaraderie and humor to the plot and adventure that will keep you turning the pages. The ending will surely bring smiles to the faces of both you and your children.

Of course, as with everything else Dogs Deserve Better does, our book has an important message for children that dogs are part of the family, and they want to live inside with us.

So how do you get involved? Well, all of the characters are currently being developed graphically except one—the lead protagonist, a dog named Worthless (named for the real-life dog who started Dogs Deserve Better).

DDB will be giving one of our supporter's dogs the chance to be drawn as Worthless, the star of the tale, who receives a miraculous transformation and a new name!

How do you get YOUR dog in the running to be the star? Just sponsor the book, and indicate whether you want your dog to be eligible for the drawing or not. (You can sponsor without entering your dog in the contest too, of course.)

We will choose the winner of the contest from eligible book sponsors on July 12th, and announce it on our site.

For more information, go to the website...

The Shelter Challenge is Back! Help DDB win $10,000

Dogs Deserve Better wants to win $10,000 to support our mission and programs. Click everyday to vote until August 22nd. Remember to vote for DDB in Altoona, PA. Vote now.

Another Chance for DDB to Win $5000 in the Pepsi Refresh Project 

Dogs Deserve Better wants to win $5000 to provide coloring books to over 20,000 students in areas where dog chaining is a big problem. Since we placed in the top 100 last month and the month before, Pepsi is giving us a third chance to win. EVERYONE needs to vote EVERYDAY through the end of May. Click here to vote (you will need to register

From the Mailbag

May 21, 2010: 

Here is a picture from Sonny's 6th Birthday party. I cannot believe we have had him four years already! Best four years of our lives.

He is happy and healthy and totally loves his brother Sebastian. They are two peas in a pod. 

Thanks for the gift of Sonny!--Melissa Swauger, Pennsylvania, long-time DDB adopter and supporter 

Make A Difference for A Chained Dog!


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In Cleveland, OH Child Bitten By Dog


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New PSA from Animal Protection of NM


Proper Socialization of Dogs Can Prevent Problems

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Chain Off 2010 Needs You!

MissionFish-- A Great Way to Raise Money for DDB

Are You on Facebook? Check Out Our Causes!

Children's Book Main Character Contest

Shelter Challenge is Back-- Help DDB Win $10,000

Pepsi Refresh Challenge--Yet Another Chance to Win

From the Mailbag

Make A Difference for A Chained Dog!

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