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E-News Library

paper dog

Welcome to our e-news library. We have made this valuable resource available to our supporters so you never again have to search through your emails to see if you have that e-news we sent you way back, which one was it? Well, they're all here, in one sweet location now. Whether for research or just for a good read, they are all at your fingertips!


She Called Us Crying that her Dogs were Miserable Outside...


Work Party Weekend at the Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, VA! Meet New Kids Anthony and Jada, and who can Forget Hef?

e-News 08/18/11
From Chain Bound To Happy Hound

e-News 08/04/11
Chained Dogs Being Brought Inside Thanks To DDB's Education and Services

e-News 07/20/11
Were You Part of the Chain-ge?

e-News 07/06/11
WE DID IT! We are on the Grounds of the Good Newz Rehab Center

e-News 06/22/11
Can You Believe It? DDB Is On The Move!

e-News 06/07/11
Can We Get A Woof Woof DDB Closed on the
Good Newz Rehab Center

e-News 05/23/11
Sound the Trumpets! We Close This Friday!
DDBe-News 5-23-11

e-News 05/10/11
Will You Support DDB As We Transform Vick's
Bad Newz Kennels DDB

e-News 04/26/11
Will the Bank Approve the Loan for
DDB this Week?

e-News 03/31/11
DDB Gets Extension on Rehab Center!

e-News 03/17/11
We Eat, Therefore We Raise Funds

e-News 02/16/11
Did Your State's Dogs Get Valentines

e-News 01/26/11
Love (and Snow!) are In the Air!


e-News 12/13/10
What Holiday Dogs Without Sponsors

e-News 11/09/10
It's that Crazy Time of the Year!
Upcoming: Holiday Dogs, Holiday Auction
and Release of "A New Name for Worthless:
A Hero is Born"

e-News 10/25/10
54 Days...and No Cigar Please Vote for the Animals! Calendars are Printed AND Delivered.

e-News 09/30/10
Vote for the DDB Calendar Cover Dog! And, is Thayne Still There?

e-News 08/25/10
Thayne Gets Mail addressed to "Chained Lady at the Steps" at Harrisburg Capitol Building!

e-News 08/08/10
Thayne Survives First Week Chained at Harrisburg, PA Capitol
Building! Plus, Doghouse in Heat Experiment

e-News 07/27/10
We Can BEAT The Heat! But Chained Dogs Can't.

e-News 07/14/10
Boy Are We Excited! You Should Be Too!

e-News 07/1/10
One More Day for Collars for Dollars! Plus Chain Off

e-News 06/16/10
More Miracles and Why Chain Off Matters!

e-News 06/6/10
A Miracle for Dogs in Video and Dogs Deserve Better!

e-News 06/01/10
Our Biggest Fundraiser of the YEAR!
Chain Off 2010 Needs YOU!

e-News 05/17/10
Have You Registered For Chain Off!

e-News 05/03/10
Get Ready For Chain Off 2010!

e-News 04/15/10
Who Is Dying In Pa Without A Law To Protect Them?

e-News 04/01/10
70 People Chip in to Pay Thayne's Fine!!

e-News 03/06/10
Thayne 0, Animal Abusers 3!

e-News 03/02/10
DDB Makes USAToday and Valentine's Wrap

e-News 02/06/10
Help Snowmegeddon's Forgotten Victims

e-News 02/02/10
Sponsor A Valentine!

e-News 01/21/10
We Need MORE Valentines and Coupons!

e-News 01/06/10
Making The New Year A Better Year For Chained Dogs


e-News 12/24/09
Through the "Santa Paws" Matching Donations Program, DDB is Able to Buy $10,000 in Gift Cards for Rescued, Formerly-Chained Dogs!

e-News 11/18/09
Chained Cocker Reunited with Man who Loves Him!
Plus, Holiday Dogs, Auction, and Calendars

e-News 10/30/09
Unchain My Heart: 40 DDB Happy-Ending Rescue Stories Debuts! Plus, Holiday Dogs, Auction, and Calendars

e-News 09/23/09
VOTE! For your Favorite Calendar Cover Model Dog, & See the 18 Foot 'Real' Wall of Shame for Pennsylvania Dogs!

e-News 09/10/09
Finally! A Chained Dog Cruelty Case in PA Goes as it SHOULD!

e-News 08/27/09
Saving the Animals, 1 County at a Time

e-News 08/12/09
3 Yr Old Bitten, Was Dog Illegally Chained; New Law Site Debut

e-News 07/28/09
Setting Records with Chain-Off & the Vick Debate

e-News 07/02/09
Corpus Christi Cussout, Plus More Doogie Court News

e-News 06/15/09
20 Dogs, 69 Chainees, 3 Outstanding Reps, 2 New Laws, and 1 Travel Tale...What's New with You?

e-News 06/01/09
A Dog a Day This Summer Challenge!

e-News 05/21/09
Fighting Bullies

e-News 04/29/09
Ain't No Chains On Us...yet

e-News 04/03/09
Every-Bunny & Their Peeps Need Love

e-News 03/19/09
Building The Wall of Shame

e-News 03/03/09
The Serious Subject of Abuse

e-News 02/18/09
My Furry Valentine

e-News 02/03/09
Share Your Heart With a Lonely Dog

e-News 01/13/09
Is Your Dog The Love Of Your Life?


e-News 12/30/08
We Didn't Twist Your Arm!

e-News 12/17/08
Holiday Shopping & The GREAT 8!

e-News 12/03/08

e-News 11/18/08

e-News 11/05/08
A Vote for Chain-ge!

e-News 10/20/08
Calendar Marks 6 Years!

e-News 10/06/08
"We Rescue Their Lives-They Rescue Our Hearts"
Dogs Who Spur Change

e-News 09/20/08
Dump The Slump Overcome the Ho-Hum!

e-News 09/09/08
The Good, The Bad, and The Outrageous

e-News 08/26/08
Get Your Name On TV & Save Chained Dogs!

e-News 08/14/08
Wag the Flag

e-News 07/29/08
Does Your Heart Bleed?

e-News 07/16/08
Dog Warriors-Crusaders for Man's Best Friend

e-News 07/02/08
They went through Hail for Chained Dogs

e-News 06/18/08
A Chain, A Doghouse and You!

e-News 06/03/08
Gas Too Expensive? Just Chain Yourself, No Driving Required!

e-News 05/20/08
Power To The People

e-News 04/23/08
A World Without Chains

e-News 04/09/08
Rescues, Roadtrips and Reflections

e-News 03/25/08
118 Years and Still Fighting

e-News 03/12/08
A Hero a Day Keeps the Chains Away

e-News 02/26/08
Big Things Are Happening!

e-News 02/12/08
DDB Supporters Have a Heart

e-News 01/29/08
What Kind of Extremist are You?

e-News 01/15/08
Love Is...


e-News 12/31/07
Love Is In The Air!

e-News 12/04/07
Spread the Holiday Cheer, Grimes Trial is Here!

e-News 11/20/07
Grimes Silenced

e-News 11/06/07
As Cold Weather Blows In - So Blow the Winds of Chain-ge

e-News 10/23/07
Fighting Cruelty, Finding Justice & Giving Hope

e-News 10/10/07
Is Life More Valuable Than Property?

e-News 09/25/07
Save the Bears! Bears?

e-News 09/11/07
Legislative Update - Fighting For Freedom

e-News 08/28/07
Trials & Tribulations 
Grimes or Vick -- Who Would You Convict?

e-News 08/15/07
5th Anniversary Celebration Continues
Plus Much, Much More!

e-News 07/25/07

e-News 06/05/07
22 Down, 28 to Go...34 Participants lined up so far

e-News 05/18/07
Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 20-26: Chained,
Unneutered Males Top List of Most Likely to Bite

e-News 04/24/07
Exciting Changes Taking Place at DDB!

e-News 01/07/07
Got Love?
Have a Heart for Chained Dogs
Valentine Campaign 2007


e-News 12/02/06
Which Dog is Calling to You?
28 Previously Chained or Penned Dogs Looking for Love (& Gifts!)

e-News 11/08/06
Hey You! Join the 2006 Auction Fun!
The Elections are Over, Let's Start the Holidays

e-News 10/13/06
New! 2007 Dogs Deserve Better Calendars, Holiday Cards
New Children's Educational Book: Buddy Unchained

e-News 08/24/06
See Photos of the PSA Shoot with Adrian Zmed!
Only $600 Has Been Donated, Can You Help?

e-News 08/05/06
Adrian Zmed Films PSA
Chain Off Synopsis from PA, ME, OH, and IN

e-News 04/13/06
Don't Miss DDB's
Unusual Contest Announcement!
We Fail in Maryland, Let's Succeed at Chain Off: E-News

e-News 03/03/06
Laws, Laws, and More Laws!
Coming Your Way

e-News 01/2306
to a Chained or Penned Dog!


e-News 12/12/05
Holidays Dogs, and Other News

e-News 11/04/05
PSAs, New Orleans,
Fosters and New Thanksgiving Art



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