Will the Bank Approve the Loan for DDB this Week?

Our 30 day extension is winding down, and we breathlessly await an answer from the bank as to whether we will get the bridge loan while we continue to fundraise for the monies needed.

As of April 23rd, we have raise $158,029.00. We still need your help. If each of our 68,000 facebook fans gave $5 of their tax return, we'd have $340,000! Roll that change jar you've been saving and donate 40 quarters to the Rehab Center, so we have as much to present to the bank as possible. Times are tough and everyone is trying to stay afloat. Please help us make this dream a reality.

If you are not yet a fan of our Facebook page, please join us now...


Yay, to Central Bark USA Doggie Daycare for helping us fundraise for the Good Newz Rehab Center, your help is so much appreciated! Support this doggie day care franchise, they are amazing.


Dogs Deserve Better is also teaming up with Brandon Bond, famous tattoo artist and pitbull rescuer, to purchase the property. We'd like to thank Brandon for his help with our fundraising efforts.


Thank YOU! Our supporters have always amazed us. We love you and appreciate you.

Freedom For Chained Dogs Nationwide - Chain Off 2011

Who's gonna chain her/himself this year? We're encouraging State Capitols, but it can be anywhere...the more people participating, the more awareness we raise this year.

Visit the page to learn more and sign up:


In addition to being our biggest awareness campaign of the year, this is also our biggest fundraising campaign, last year we raised almost $30,000 for our work with chained and penned dogs. Pretty good, but let's blow that out of the water this year, with a goal of $60,000 raised during Chain Off! Be part of the chain-ge!

You can fundraise even if you're not going to live chained to the doghouse...



Will you sponsor Capital in Chains: 54 Days of the Doghouse Blues?

The book, Capitol in Chains: 54 Days of the Doghouse Blues from DDB Founder Tamira Thayne, (Available May 31, 2011), chronicles Tamira Thayne's amazing 54-day stint chained to a doghouse in front of the Harrisburg, PA Capitol building fighting for a law for man's best friend. Also includes essays by others who stood in for Thayne, as well as all-new essays by Thayne, the journal and pictures from the campaign, and a foreword by Jana Kohl, author of "A Rare Breed of Love: The True Story of Baby and the Mission She Inspired to Help Dogs Everywhere." Ms. Kohl and Baby played a part in getting the puppymill legislation passed when she brought her tour to the PA State Capitol steps for a rally in 2008.

Do you admire what Thayne did and want to proudly stand behind her to help chained dogs? Then sponsor the book! (And join her at the Capitol for a ONE DAY Chaining to advocate for a law for chained dogs this year on June 20.) Do you want to chain yourself at this year's Chain Off but don't think you can get up the gumption? Then sponsor the book to support our efforts!

Want an ad for your nonprofit or animal-oriented for-profit business? Be a book sponsor with your own ad in the back! See ad prices, below. Your information will get into the hands of every person who buys the book.

Capitol in Chains will be available online in major outlets, as well as sold through the DDB site, social networking sites, and at DDB booths and events. Additionally, book signings can be arranged by contacting the author at 814.941.7447.



Look what are Reps are up to across the nation

Belen Brisco
SW Florida Representative

On April 18th Belen received her Certificate proclaiming her to be a Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator for having successfully completed the National Cruelty Investigations Schools Levels I, II and III, a total of 120 hours through the Law Enforcement Training Institute and University Extension. Her Final Exam score was 91.66. We are very excited and happy that she has completed this program. It took a lot of time away from her family and her work but she believes it was well worth it.

GREAT work Belen.

More from SW Florida:

A wonderful teacher in Lee County, Anna Chapman Polakiewicz representing the K5 group. She and her students put together a Public Service Announcement and they did it about Dogs Deserve Better. The dogs in the video are Lee County dogs. We had the opportunity to take Lilly to their school. Lilly, is the rescued American Bulldog that was being starved to death at the end of a chain. Now, the kids are teaching the public about safety and proper care for animals. Great teachers make for great kids! Way to go Anna. Way to go kids!

Thank you for all your dedication to the community! Thank you from all the dogs and the DDB team!

Here is the link to the PSA:

Dogs have their day: No chaining law to go into effect in Kyle, TX

Dogs can no longer spend their days outside on the end of a chain in Kyle, Texas.

Read more at the Hays Free Press



Luke needs a foster home Park Hills Mo

Carrie Thompson
Park Hills Mo
Area Representative

Luke is a 6 month old Pit Bull Terrier who had the great misfortune of being put on this Earth in the wrong hands. He was born in a part of Missouri where people think it is "cool" to own and breed pit bulls for the fun of it. Pit bulls and other stray puppies run rampant there, and Luke was caught by a local family who decided to put him in a pen. The family thought they were doing Luke a favor by giving him a "home." Soon after, the family realized they were not financially able to feed Luke and tried finding help. There is no animal control in this area, so a police officer told the family he would come out and shoot the dog for them. Thankfully Dogs Deserve Better was notified of the situation before Luke was shot to death or left to starve. We have provided Luke with food for the time being but what he desperately needs is a foster home to show him the lifestyle he deserves to live- inside, with a good family who can care and provide for him. Every day that Luke is left in his pen is a sad day. He deserves a good puppyhood with toys, a soft bed, and maybe even some other dogs to play with and show him what being a puppy is all about.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Luke, please fill out our foster application at


Dogs DO Deserve SO MUCH BETTER, Don't They?

Thanks for bringing chained dogs into the home and family with us for the past nine years. We couldn't do it without your support.

Remember, if you or someone you know has room in the family for a pet and have often pondered bringing a dog into your life, fostering is a fantastic way to prepare yourself for the day that you decide to make that commitment. Dogs Deserve Better is seeking qualified foster families for dogs that have been rescued from sad, heartbreaking situations. These dogs are so grateful for a family and truly are deserving of an opportunity to learn that people truly can be a dogs best friend! Dogs Deserve Better will furnish everything that you need to care for your foster Dog while they await adoption; all you need is love, patience and a secure fenced yard to participate in this rewarding experience.


Deana Whitfield,
National Volunteer Coordinator
Dogs Deserve Better


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