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The Hero Fund: in Honor of "Hero," Who Never Got Her
Chance at Love, and all the Dedicated Animal Lovers out there
Rescuing Chained and Penned Dogs: You are Their Heroes

Hero Fund

Click Here to contribute to the fund through our Chip In

This program has been so amazing, we don't want it to end. And neither do the dogs, individual rescuers, and rescue groups who have benefited from the program. As one rescuer told us about the chained dog they rescued and received a grant for:

"Ruffus goes with them to the local Ice Cream shop where he gets his OWN cone.. can you IMAGINE THAT? I mean, he must think he's died and gone to heaven! From being totally ignored and neglected to sitting on a bench at the ice cream shop sharing a cone...Makes me cry I must admit. Thank you again for your help! He owes this to you!!"—Laura Fine, MistnStone Labrador Retriever Rescue Assistance Group

Hope, pictured below, is just one of the wonderful success stories we've been able to fund through this grant. Each story and dog is featured on our Facebook page if you'd like to keep up with all these great tales of love and compassion for the chained dogs.


Kota After Rescue

"Hope was rescued off the chain by a young gentleman named Cody.  With the help of a reverend, Cody attempted to care for Hope, but unfortunately the landlord wouldn't allow Hope to stay.  I replied to a plea from Dogs Deserve Better for rescue help for Hope, and a promise of a vet care grant.  I drove and met them in Rocky Mount about two hours away, and Hope was a sweet loving girl right from the start.  She has eyes that will melt anyone's heart and the sweetest temperament. Unfortunately, life on a chain wasn't good for her health, as she had terrible skin infections from fly and flea bites, along with being heartworm positive and suffering from poor nutrition.  She is young and was also un-spayed and was starting to go into heat. Thanks to the vet care grant from Dogs Deserve Better, she is slowly healing physically and mentally and adjusting well to living in a home. She now runs and plays, and loves her soft comfy bed and all the toys in her basket."—Trish Cates, North Carolina

History of the Hero Fund Grant:

Dogs Deserve Better has rescued thousands of chained and penned dogs nationwide in the last eleven years and given them new, happy lives inside the home with a family to call their own. In fact, from September 2005 through June 2014, DDB paid out a total of $538,218.00 in vet costs for rescued chained and penned dogs all across America and into Canada and Guam! That's a lot of HAPPY DOGS!

The Hero Fund Grant pays for initial vetting of shots and spay/neuter when a dog is rescued from a chain, a pen, or is freed from some other horrendous situation in which his/her basic right to freedom and love is withheld.

Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. is now over two years into our project to build the Good Newz Rehab Center on the site of Michael Vick's former Bad Newz Kennels. We have received state approval, and thanks to two bequests, have been able to PAY OFF our building and 16 acres. We are currently fundraising to build a wing onto our existing facility to enable us to rescue more dogs while we raise the amount needed to create our state-of-the-art facility.

After this facility is built, we will renovate the current structure into a low cost vet clinic to benefit the local community. However, without the funding to build, these are just pipe dreams. We hope you'll consider funding these dreams for rescued chained dogs!

Through these bequests, we were also able to set aside a fund of $20,000 (which climbed to $30,000, and now with your donations over $45,000!) to pay vet bills for chained and penned dogs that OTHER INDIVIDUALS or GROUPS RESCUE and take physical custody of while we can continue our quest for a facility at the Good Newz Rehab Center and continue our rescue from foster homes across the country.

This enables us to help these dogs ostracized and neglected at the ends of chains, in pens, and in other horrible conditions that we are currently unable to rescue and house ourselves.

We offer $300 grants for basic vet care for chained and penned dogs to the individuals or groups who rescue the dogs (these must be NEW and upcoming rescues-within two months of the date of application); these grants will be paid directly to the veterinarians who are treating the dogs to ensure that the money is being used for the requested dog. While we cannot guarantee that every request is granted, as long as the below conditions are met and we haven't run out of money, there is a good chance we can help your rescued dog!

Will You be Part of Funding this Amazing Program?

Grant Policies:

1. Must fill out the form, below, in it's entirety in order to quality.

2. Dog must be a formerly chained or penned dog, or otherwise ostracized from the home and family, and photo evidence of chaining, penning, or other neglect must be uploaded. We are sorry, but we cannot fund stray rescues or shelter dogs unless we have evidence of former chaining or penning. The dog must be a very recent rescue (within two months of date of application) who still needs help with vet bills. Funds cannot be granted for a dog that was rescued months or years ago as the purpose of the fund is to help those individuals and groups who are currently stepping up to rescue a chained dog with funds to make it easier for them financially.

3. Must supply a photo of the dog after rescue, inside the home or facility or outside in a nice location interacting with other dogs or humans. No grants can be funded for those who still live outside after rescue, as that doesn't fall within the mission of Dogs Deserve Better. We need and expect to see a HAPPY after photo of your dog. Inside the home, warm and cozy, and getting the loving care he/she needs. No crate photos, please. We reserve the right to request better photos if photos do not reflect the way a dog deserves to live before funding a grant.

4. Must acknowledge the following conditions. By hitting the submit button, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following conditions: I maintain that all information submitted here is the truth. That the dog legally belongs to myself or said organization, and that I have legally rescued this dog from a chain or pen or other circumstance that may fit your criteria. I further agree that the dog will live inside the home or facility and will not be subjected to long periods without human or canine interaction. I agree that I/the organization noted is the sole legal guardian and owner of this dog, and that I hold Dogs Deserve Better harmless against any and all claims in relation to this dog. I agree not to euthanize the dog except in extreme cases of illness, injury, or aggression. DDB is giving out $300 grants for vet care for formerly chained or penned dogs. This is my application for said grant, however I acknowledge that it is not guaranteed to me. DDB reserves the right to refuse the grant to anyone on any basis whatsoever, and is not required to provide a reason for declination. No grants will be provided without photo proof of the dog's previous living conditions, and a photo of the dog after rescue. DDB bears no legal claim or responsibility for said dog, express or otherwise. I hereby grant DDB permission to post my story and photo of rescued dog upon acceptance into the program.

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The Hero Fund is dedicated to the memory of a wonderful dog who died in 2004. The Fund is aimed at assisting chained or penned dogs who are rescued from lives of sadness and defeat. It has currently been revamped into a grant for dogs rescued by individuals or groups other than DDB our our reps who need help funding vet care.

This sweet soul died after a long period of utter neglect. On that Monday afternoon she was found locked in a used car lot, in very poor condition after suffering unseen since the previous Friday. She was known and loved by some in the neighborhood and previous efforts to get her help had failed.

For resilience in the face of human cruelty, she was given the name “Hero.” During her final hours she knew love and affection, feelings she may have never experienced before.

Those who came to know her and love her will always remember her joy at greeting them and her incredible pride and determination in the face of the injustice that she was forced to endure. Her limitless spirit inspires us ever more strongly to help all neglected dogs and to work much harder to spark human compassion for all animal suffering. May she rest in love and peace.

Want to Donate to The Hero Fund for
Vet Assistance for Rescued Chained Dogs?

You may also donate via U.S. mail to Dogs Deserve Better, 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430 or over the phone using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover by calling 757-357-9292

Thank You! The chained dogs get a
chance at life thanks to your donations.

Keep The Hero Fund up and Running for Chained Dogs Nationwide. Will You be Part of Funding this Amazing Program?

Meet Some of the Dogs Helped
by the Hero Fund Grant:
Before and After Pics





Gracie before





Bert in PA, nearly dead at the end of his chain before Furkid Rescue stepped up to help him.

Blu in MO, who Christy Gray noticed on her delivery route and was able to get relinquished

Duke in OH before and after rescue by Operation Warm & Cozy


Duke in PA really suffered before Sylvia Hock came along

Ladybug in Ohio was chained outside with all her puppies, one even freezing to death, before Animal House Rescue came along

Mona takes up a new life as a rapper after her rescue by Rainbow Rescue in MA

Penny, one of the most pitiful skeletons we've ever seen. Thank God she was rescued by Danielle and David Geurts in MO. She would not have lasted much longer.

Old beagle Rex in PA already acts like he never lived chained, and loves stretching out on his doggie beds thanks to Erica O'Neal who made that possible for him.

Rubee in OH, rescued by Ohio Rottweiler Rescue, sure is gorgeous after getting to experience life as a normal dog

Trudy in MO received her new life thanks to Chain of Hope KC

Contact Info: Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. • 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430 • 757-357-9292