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So how do we make sure Scruffy is safe and happy? How do we make sure our kids are safe from an aggressive dog? Check the links below for some general tips and information on dog training and children training too!

A Word of Caution on Invisible Fences: One Owner's Deadly Experience
Leslie Grabowski
relays her tragic loss of a beloved pet to a malfunctioning electric fence.

Got Fleas?
Fighting flea infestations on your pets is a big business but are these products safe? Nell Liquorman, author of Keep Fleas Off, gives some prudent advice about what these agents to do us and our environment. A must read.

Poor Little Rich Dog
Sadly, Jon Katz sees dogs like Ernie all the time, victims of a new, uniquely American kind of abuse, animals without advocates. Dogs like Flash, a Westchester border collie who spent her days chasing invisible sheep beyond a chain link fence, and Reg, an enormous black Lab in Atlanta who, like Ernie, was untrained, grew neurotic and rambunctious, and eventually was confined to the family playroom day and night. He leaves that room for several brief walks each day.

Looking for a Fight
Dog fighting is an inhumane and illegal activity that is flourishing in both rural and urban areas across our country. Parents should be particularly concerned about this as there is a strong correlation between people who are cruel to animals and people who are cruel to humans.

Managing Your Stress and Your Pets
Everybody deals with stress and anxiety, however some people sometimes take it out on their pets. Instead of taking your problems and frustrations out on your pets or other animals, here is a list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their stress, anxieties, and fears

Outside Dogs
Dennis Fetko, Ph.D., writes an article to "wake up" guardians who keep their dogs outside for life.

Safe Kids are Bite Free
Dog-safety tips to teach your children so they remain safe.

Leash Laws
Although leash laws vary by state and even by township, they all follow a basic standard. Pennsylvania's dog laws are given as example. Check your state or local area for differences.

Chained Dog Rehabilitation Advice
One of the single most important articles you will find here is written by
Debby Dodson
expressly for Dogs Deserve Better. Our thanks go out to her. Rehabilitating Chained or Confined Dogs addresses the potential for behavioral problems due to lack of socialization in chained dogs. Debby speaks to this challenge, and provides insight into some of these issues.

Chaining Laws
The good news is there are communities across the United States that DO have laws regarding chaining. Dogs Deserve Better favorites are Maumelle, Arkansas; Okaloosa, Florida; New Hanover, North Carolina; Lawton, Oklahoma; and Electra, Texas. where dogs are not allowed to be chained outside AT ALL! Other communities have laws which permit chaining, but only for a limited time. Peta's Helping Animals Site is updating this list as laws are amended. Our goal is to continue this town by town, city by city, and state by state. Let's all work together to make this happen! Help eliminate dog chaining and penning today.

Animal Cruelty Issues

Evolve to Protect All Animals!

Tribe of Heart's "The Witness" video
This is SO Worth Watching! In the award-winning documentary THE WITNESS, Eddie Lama explains how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals, become a vegetarian, and ultimately, to bring his message of compassion to the streets of New York.

Joseph Pastore's Animal Protection Issues Wheel
Joseph says: "In the Animal Protection Movement we are failing to effectively reach the mainstream. The average good and decent person is appallingly ignorant of not only the horror and magnitude of most animal issues but even just what these issues are.
In this age of “information overload” a one-page overview could provide a means of helping people to understand just what the issues are and address them to the betterment of the human race."

Well Worth Watching!
Get Your Copy of The Witness Now!

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