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Dogs Deserve Better
In Memory of...

Our best friends go and leave a deep, lasting hole in our hearts. We all want to share our loves with the world. Memorialize your baby for the coming years by donating to Dogs Deserve Better in his/her name. Share a photo and a paragraph with all who come here. Donations may be made at the bottom of the page.


Bo is the reason for Dogs Deserve Better. He was a simple black dog, the kind that is all too easily ignored in the shelter. He was old, and he was in the beginning of the end when I finally gathered him from his caregivers. We had six months together, and I so wish I knew then what I know now, and could have appreciated each moment more.

I loved him for six years before he came to me, pure and simple. I loved him. When his 'owner' told me not to come on the property to see him anymore, I cried, telling her, "But I love him." I was in anguish watching him every day. He was in my soul, and he gave me my purpose. What could be a greater mission for a dog? His ashes will ALWAYS sit by my bed, until I too go to the great beyond.

See his eulogy here. I love you always, Bo!

Donation in Memory of

Would you Like to Make a Donation in Memory of Someone?

Use the below button, and provide any other necessary information. We will mail a card in your name if you'd like or post a photo and paragraph on our 'In Memory Of' page. For this e-mail a copy of your donation receipt plus a paragraph and photo of your friend to info@dogsdeservebetter.org.

 We can now accept donations over the phone
using a major credit card at 1.757-357-9292

Buddy, Denver, and Leo

Buddy and Denver


Buddy and Denver both represented DDB by participating in yearly parades, fund raisers and public awareness. They are now together again, best friends forever. Our van that was used to transport rescued dogs was donated to DDB in Buddy's honor. It is true that if only love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!!

To our Dearest Buddy: Words are not enough to explain how special you were and what you actually meant to us. The smallest of our three dogs, you have left the biggest hole in our hearts by losing you too soon. Eleven years was just not enough. Your life started out in a shelter as a puppy that had already been shot twice. You came to live with us and became the friendliest and most outgoing little dog we ever met. We love and miss you so much and know we will see you again, so watch for us at the Rainbow Bridge, because we won't cross it without you! You will always be "Our Little Buddy" that is now in the arms of an angel. June 14, 2012

Our Beloved Denver “Big Guy”, You are now back again with Dreyfuss and Buddy where all of you can run and play without ever hurting again. People would always tell us how impressed they were because you were so well behaved and obedient. You would happily help us foster and care for other dogs less fortunate. You will never leave our hearts until we can all be together again. You were such a sweet and adoring dog. Our most beautiful Denver, you will be my precious baby forever. Please watch for us at the rainbow bridge when God calls us home, for we won’t cross without you! Bandit and DJ are working hard to make you proud. June 15, 2013

Our Loving Leo (aka Puddles) You were a member of our family for only six months, but loved you as though you lived with us since the beginning of time. We found you after someone heartlessly left you outside to die, completely declawed, starving and covered in fleas. A witness described you as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty he had ever seen. As soon as we took you home, you fought like a lion and you never gave up and we are so fortunate you had a great will to continue living. We loved to watch you eat and had the opportunity to once again be happy and content. You were a very old kitty, and we wanted you to stay with us as long as you could. All the dogs respected you and you them, just another example of what an incredible cat you truly were. You were a remarkable cat that we will never forget and we hope you knew how much you were truly loved and will be sadly missed. To our courageous kitty that roared like a lion, you survived abuse that most cats would have succumbed to, we were so lucky to find you and you spent the last six months of your life with a family that couldn't have spoiled you enough, but mostly loved you and will forever…until we meet again because life is temporary, but LOVE is forever! You are in God's arms now. Thank you again for letting us find you, our precious kitty. Because of your love, we will now foster more unwanted cats to help them find homes that they deserve. December 20, 2013

XOXOXOX LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Mom, Dad, Stevie, Eric, Sophie, Bandit and DJ

Samson, (Samaroo, Samsonite, Moose)


We are thankful that he picked us out all those years ago, joined us on this journey, never lost his love for us and always had our love for him. We cherished every moment with him. He touched many peoples’ lives through his completely unconditional love.

Until we meet again sweet boy, Mommy, Daddy and Sissy xoxoxo

Patchie, June 2012


This is the story of Patchie, a 10 year old Border Collie mix who spent his entire life on a chain until one day he was noticed. I spotted this dog chained out in the extreme heat of summer. I certainly thought...he deserves better! I continued home, filled my car with fresh water, DDB literature, food, treats, a collar and a leash and preceded back to the property. I found the owner out mowing his lawn and it looked like he would literally drop to the ground any minute it was so hot. I pulled in the drive way, he shut off the mower and I offered him a cold bottle of water. We chatted for about 20 minutes about the heat, how fast the grass grows, etc, etc. Then, when finally I said "can I tell you why I'm really here"? His face became puzzled....he truly thought it was to give him a bottle of water while he was mowing in the 90 something degree weather. I then preceded to tell him I was concerned about his dog, chained, in the heat, with no shade and just a plastic dog house for shelter that gets hotter than the outside temperatures. The man was surprisingly receptive, he asked me up to meet his dog, explained why he had to be chained because of the busy road, couldn't come in because of his hair, made excuse after excuse and even chuckled when he told he how afraid he was of thunder storms. I preceded to offer him free services to include fencing. We walked an area that had shade and talked about how big the fence would be that he would be required to bring him in the house part of the time, etc. He said he would have to talk it over with the misses when she got home from work. About 3-4 hours later I received a call "we would like you to find a home for our dog" the wife stated. Back in the car I went, they signed Patchie over, I took the dog house, the food, the chain and brought this sweet dog back to my house for a bath and a good meal.

Patchie remained in foster care in my home for 3 years. He had a few inquiries but he was always too old, too big, his teeth were bad, people were worried about his medical issues. So here Patchie stayed as a member of our family and part of our pack. Patchie enjoyed 3 years of "the Good Life". Patchie became the local mascot for Dogs Deserve Better Missouri, traveling to birthday parties, seminars and presentations, teaching the detriments of chaining. Patchie was forever smiling, happy and a care free boy.

Unfortunately on June 23rd, 2012, we lost Patchie to liver cancer. He was in extreme pain and discomfort so he was put him to rest while in my arms, all the while being told he was loved, thanking him for his sacrifices and his service with helping myself and others to understand that dogs should not live the way he was forced to live the first 10 years of his life. Patchie was referred to as Patchie Watchie around here and things just aren't the same without him, but it is my hopes that one day we will meet again. Patchie remains in our hearts and will forever be loved and our Mascot for DDB. —Melody Whitworth, DDB Rep Coordinator and Missouri Rep

Grandpa Dick, January 2012

Grandpa Dick

In memory of my Grandpa Dick. Your family misses you greatly and Mom and Bambi tell us that they will never forget that past year you spent living with them and making their lives brighter. Bambi especially misses her nightly pets and visits into your bed! We miss you. -Bambi, Cosita, Maverick, Jen, and Adrian Meli.

Niobe, December 2011


Niobe, from Greek mythology, a Queen of Thieves, wept inconsolably after her children were enslaved, and in time she turned to stone from which water constantly streamed.

For the first two years of her life, she lived on a chain. Discovered while erecting a fence for her two brothers, Niobe was relinquished to us after much convincing. Weighing just 75 pounds, surprisingly she delivered puppies. After nursing her two surviving puppies to their own forever homes, Niobe was adopted by a wonderful, strong woman, Beth. They were the best of friends, and Beth loved Niobe dearly. Finally Niobe was treated with the love and respect she deserved. They had two and a half great years together, and Niobe grew to a healthy 120 pounds.

Niobe was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away after Thanksgiving 2011, far too soon. Even though the quality of her life with Beth was the most important, you can't help but weep at such the short time Niobe knew happiness. Love your companion animals like tomorrow may be the end, and volunteer a day to help a chained dog - you never know what joy will find you.

Denise Pajak

Scooter, December 2011


In memory of my wonderful little dog Scooter. He spent the first 9 years of his life chained under a trailer, without adequate food and water, barely surviving on old cat food tossed to him by a kindly neighbor. After finally being seized by animal control for cruelty complaints, he spent another several months in the shelter, too withdrawn and under socialized to attract much attention. But when we met each other something just clicked.

I wish we could have spent more than only 3 years together, but those were the best 3 years of my life. I've never known a sunnier, happier, friendlier dog that Scooter. Every dawn broke with his panting smile in my face and every night slipped away with his gentle snoring and dreaming squirrel chases next to me. X-rays the week of his death revealed he had been shot repeatedly and was full of bird shot - at least 15 pieces - for who knows how long. But every day with him was fun and funny, his antics kept me in stitches and his comforting heart bottomless when I was sad.

I am bereft without you, but I will fight for those just like you in your memory. I will do my part to make sure that no other dog ever suffers what you did. Because you taught me more about love and forgiveness, compassion and hope, than any human ever could have. I miss you buddy, and I know that you roam free now where there are no chains or guns, only green grass and fat squirrels and plenty of treats. I can't wait to see you again.

Buddy, June 2011


Buddy was only two years old when he passed away. He had spent his entire life chained to an old dog house in standing water where his bone cancer was never noticed. Buddy’s owner surrendered him to a rescuer named Terry who did all she could to save him. He was a meager half of his healthy body weight and in a great deal of pain. She reached out to everyone she knew to help raise funds, find foster care, and attempt to save Buddy. Because of Terry, Buddy had several months of comfort in a loving home with the medicine he needed to enjoy life. He fought hard to stay with us, but in the end, the cancer was more than his frail body could handle. He died peacefully with Terry and his foster mom at his side. Before he passed, his loving personality and forgiving heart touched many lives. The gentle giant made a lot of friends who donated all they could to his care. I promised Buddy and his friends that all of those funds would go towards Buddy’s care or towards preventing another dog from suffering what Buddy had endured. His friends agreed that Dogs Deserve Better could keep that promise for me. Thank you Dogs Deserve Better for all of your work. Rest in peace, Buddy. You are loved and missed.

Bear, October 2008


To my dear Bear, who died in October 2008. You came into my life in August 2002. You spent the first half of your life chained out near the Blackwater River, listening to the water rush past you in the dark lonely night. The river ran free while you were trapped like a prisoner, although you hadn’t done anything wrong. But in the second half of your life you made up for it. You finally got to walk into the Blackwater River and feel it rush over your feet and embrace you. You always seemed to feel a special joy when you got to wade in the stream.

Sammy, December 2010


This is in honor of my beloved dog Sammy, who was chained, then dropped off by his owners at AC. I had him for 3.5 wonderful years, and lost him 1 month ago. I miss him terribly, but know I gave him 3 wonderful and deserved years of happiness. I think he was about 10 when I got him..they didn’t expect him to live a yr due to his age, heart worm +, and testicular cancer ( I knew that when I took him). But he blossomed, he really did, loved belly rubs and walks on the beach, and chasing birds.—Paula Rothman

Banshee, November 29, 2010


Banshee was 'my boy.' He was a DDB foster dog for 2.5 years, but he always thought he was mine, and I secretly knew he was mine too. He followed me like a shadow, and I was perhaps the only thing he loved more than his ball. (although it was close!) He loved to fetch, especially in the water, where he would do it all day long without fail if you let him. We called him the Freight Train because if he wanted to be with me or get his ball, he'd plow anyone over to get it. When he first came into rescue, his separation anxiety was so severe that it almost killed him, and he inspired me to write the book Scream Like Banshee: 29 Days of Tips and Tales to Keep your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent. I also created this video for him. I will never forget you, BanMan. You taught me so much about unconditional love. I hope I can pass the lesson along.—Mommy (Cathie MacArthur donated to DDB in Banshee's Memory.)

Champ, Oct 10, 2010


We rescued Champ over 9 years ago from a terrible life at the end of a chain. He had been only 40 pounds when he should have been at least 80, was left chained to a tree with no food, no water, and no shelter . His so called "owners" moved out and left him at the end of that chain. He had been shot at (still had bb's lodged in his bones) and badly beaten. He was scheduled to be euthanized when a volunteer at the shelter saw him. After receiving a desperate plea for someone to take him in, we took that chance and did just that. We were fortunate to have Champ in our lives for over 9 years and he was one of the best dogs we could have ever hoped for. He was the most loyal ,loving friend with very soulful eyes...grateful for the love he received..and he gave it back 100 times over. We were fortunate to have him in our lives for the time that we did. This is in his memory. We will continue to help and pray for those animals that suffer at the hands of cruel and thoughtless people.

Teddy, July 27, 2010

Teddy 2

Teddy 1

Teddy came to me, nosing around my front door one cold winter night three and a half years ago. He was clearly a victim of chaining who had either been dumped or broke free, dragging his chain and anchor, emaciated and shivering. I didn't even hesitate, just looked at the wagging tail, grabbed his collar and led him through to my backyard where he proceeded to devour three bowls of food. His appetite didn't diminish much over the years to come! Having a fairly full household of rescues already, my husband agreed to foster Teddy while we looked for a permanent home for him. However, living in a county with BSL against pits made this nearly impossible, so after two years of searching we decided to keep Teddy. He had already bonded with our other two rescued dogs, Loki and Brindy, and he quickly learned respect for (and with the help of) our housecats. He showed himself to be eager to please, smart, quick to learn, loving, and finally, trusting. He was very playful, loving squeaky fleece toys and chew bones as well as the laser pointer. He learned all the basic commands quickly, housebroke nearly overnight, and crate trained in 45 minutes. As time went on, his character deepened to show courage, resiliency, and determination grounded in a sweet spirit. What an amazing lesson this was for our entire family, both two- and four-footed.

All was not sunshine and light for Teddy, though. We learned about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his former "owners" as some behaviors emerged which spoke volumes about his painful past. Teddy wanted to be a normal dog and live with the people he loved. Being chained, neglected and starved taught him that this was harder than it should have been. We gave him his strength back, we rebuilt his body with powerful muscle, and we empowered him to protect himself. We gave him love every day, but it was not enough to heal the wounds of his past. This was a terribly hard thing for me to admit. How had I failed him? What more could I have done for him? I think this was the biggest lesson Teddy would have for me: his need to heal trumped my need to heal him.

Tonight we freed him from the bonds of this life. No longer is he frightened, nor will he relive the bad memories anymore. My tears could never wash away his pain, but now he can know what life is like in a world where he will know only love - a world with no chains. And I will never stop fighting to make that world real here, for the ones who remain, in his memory. Teddy, who taught me so many beautiful lessons, will forever be a teacher for others, so that lives may be saved.

DDB Friend

Rudy, July 11, 2010

Rudy 1

rudy 2

In early spring of 2009, I received a call about a pit bull who had been left behind on a chain after his owners had long moved away (weeks before). This poor baby was left with no food or water, and he was slowly starving to death. I went to check out the situation, and as I pulled up, I saw a living skeleton. Despite his condition, the dog began wagging his tail with what little energy he had when he saw me. He had the kind of eyes that led me right to his soul, and I knew he needed to be saved. I rescued this poor baby that day, but little did I know that he was actually rescuing me.

My husband & I took this sweet little boy into our home as a “foster dog,” and we named him Rudy. It took some time to nurse him back to health, and we enjoyed every minute of his company during that time. When it came time to find Rudy a forever home, I just knew that his forever home was really with us. Rudy and I bonded in a way that I never have with another dog—and that’s saying a lot! He was my special little angel, sent from Heaven just for me. He was so gentle and loving… he always made things better whenever I was upset. Another thing that made Rudy so wonderful was the fact that he was so great with the foster dogs that are constantly in and out of our home. He was able to teach other dogs how to play, how to share, and how to be a good boy or girl. Rudy didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He was everything good bottled up into one… I guess that’s why he was so big.

Rudy taught so many people not to be afraid of pit bulls. He was the opposite of every pit bull stereotype; He was calm, gentle, and super friendly. People who had always believed all of the negative hype about pitty dogs changed their views because of Rudy. He was such a special dog.

Shortly after we took Rudy into our home, we had him treated for heartworms, and he made it through the treatment just fine. He seemed to be an extremely healthy, good-looking pup, and I thought I would watch Rudy grow old many years from now. But little did I know that Rudy would only be with me for a short time. On July 8, 2010, I was leaving home from my lunch break, and Rudy was waiting by the back door to go outside and play. So I let Rudy and one of my foster dogs outside to play at 1pm, and decided to come back in a couple of hours and let them back in. After I let them out, I watched for a minute as they ran and played like it was the most fun they had ever had. That was the last time I would ever see my sweet little boy—my everything—alive. At 2:45pm, I came home to find my Rudy had passed away. It was truly the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Rudy died of an apparent heart attack at 2 ½ years old. Even though we did everything to ensure Rudy was in the very best health, his heart had apparently already been damaged by the heartworms before treatment, leaving his heart weaker. He probably played a little too hard that day, and his heart gave out on him. I have never been more unprepared for something in my life. I expected to have many, many more years of memories with my Rudy, and all of my dreams were shattered that day right there in my backyard.

Despite all of the unspeakable pain I have felt since Rudy’s death, it doesn’t even come close to the joy I experienced by having him in my life. Rudy taught me about life, love, and unbridled joy. He taught me the meaning of true forgiveness and the importance of second chances. And I guess now, Rudy is trying to teach me about grief and letting go. Those are lessons I wasn’t quite ready to learn. Most importantly though, Rudy taught me that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. Rudy may have been trash to the people that left him behind, but he truly was, and always will be, the very most special treasure in my heart.

Ashley Hill
DDB Area Rep -- Mississippi

Biddy, July 10, 2010

Biddy and Tami

Biddy and Cyn


This was Biddy’s existence for the entire 10 years life on this earth. Put on the chain at 3 months and never once let off.. not even for a walk or a night inside. After some negotiating by a fellow rescue friend Kate, Biddy’s “caretaker” decided to surrender him for money. I drove to PA immediately and met fellow rescuers Tami Thayne and Linda Spar and we were able to free him from his life of misery. Biddy traveled back to Gloucester, Ma with me to live out his life with food, water, love and a warm comfy bed...and he has done just that. Unfortunately a couple of months ago he tweaked his neck and vet said that his spine and discs were calcified from being chained for so long. For one whole month, Bid was completely catatonic and paralyzed. I went back and forth on whether to put him out of his misery, but he ended up pulling through in the end. With the right dose of meds, he bounced back slightly, but he never ever went back to the goofy, outgoing, happy dog that he was a few weeks after we rescued him and he settled into his new life in Mass.

I am so happy that he came into my life and that with endless support, both financially and emotionally, from friends I was able show him love and give him a good life after 10 years of pure torture and neglect…. even if it was just for a short time. I expected Biddy to be with us longer, but his pain became unmanageable and I released on to a new life where he can be the happy free dog that he so well deserves.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support, and for my friends who donated to DDB in his memory.

Angel, July 7, 2010

Angel in memory

It is through tears that I write this. We lost sweet Angel this morning. The last 2 days she was having trouble breathing at times, and was not moving around as much. When she could not go on her walk last night I was afraid we were losing her.

This morning she was really struggling to breathe so I took her in to the vet as soon as they opened. Her lungs were completely full of fluid and so I held and kissed her as she went to heaven.

The blessing in this is that she got to have a wonderful life at the end of her life. I am so lucky to have gotten to care for her and give her a home these last few months. She was loved and cherished, and is struggling no more.

Ky Rep

Lucky, June 15, 2010

Lucky memorial


My Australian shepherd/chow mix Lucky passed away recently, he was almost 13 years old. You expect your animals to die as with all species, but nothing quite prepares you for the Inevitable. I always thought my boy would live to be 16. He was never sick except sometime from chewing on something he shouldn't. God did I love him. He was and still is just a beautiful boy.

Twelve and half years ago, our neighbor's dog Chocolate had 3 puppies, Lucky and two others. We originally wanted Lucky because of his gorgeous eyes and big build and wavy hair. The owners said no they were keeping him. So instead we picked a little girl dog "Isabelle", who turned out to be one of the sweetest, spirited girls ever. We adored her. But as Lucky grew, so did his neglect. His owners kept him on a foot long chain, no shelter, most the time no water and molded food. We watered him and loved on him, and took away the molded food and gave him food our dogs ate. Everyone that came to visit us ended up giving Lucky love and something to eat. His owners left him out in storms, hail, humid sultry days. They could care less about him but refused to give him up because "we" wanted him. We offered to have their female spayed if they gave him to us; they said no.

After a year and a half they moved and abandoned Lucky on the premises. Another neighbor was interested, so I took him and had him neutered and a heart worm test, the owner said if I tried to get him she would come get him. When the heartworm came back positive, the neighbor said she was going to put Lucky down. I said: "No way in hell". I immediately got him, and had him treated. He was mine. No way was I giving him up. At first he was shy, because he had never been in a home before. But never once did him ever potty in my house, never, ever.

It didn't take him long to realize we loved him. He had an air of dignity to him, and he could be a grumpy guy, grumbling when he talked to you. And that was all it was grumbling.

He loved his home and his brothers and sisters. Goldie another rescue of mine was his "girlfriend" he played with her all the time, he loved her. And he got along with everyone, he never wanted Alpha role, he just was glad to be adored and living the life of luxury. He hated the outside, and would go out only to potty and back in. And who could blame him. He loved watermelon and apples too. But more then anything he loved "puppies". When I brought Goldie home and her 8 puppies, you would have thought they were his puppies. He watched over them, and played with them. When they got to be about 8 wks old, and big enough to climb on the bed; he would lays at the bottom of the bed; they would jump off the bed onto his

belly, then roll off and he would lick them and over and over it went through every puppy doing this, man did He love it!

Lucky's nickname was "Duckie", but my mother said it wasn't dignified enough and named him Douglass.

Lucky had the most beautiful eyes. One was a white/blue with small brown flecks; the other was brown with blue specks. His coat was a merle blue, white, and black and brown.

Lucky lost his life June 15th 2010.He lost his life to bone cancer of the spine. I tried so hard to save him, and begged god, and would give anything to have him back

I would never change a thing about Lucky except that he would live longer. He was my beautiful grumpy, soft hearted boy. We spoiled him and he deserved it.

He is with his sisters in heaven and I hope he is running and playing and enjoying his life. I hope that when my time comes he will be waiting for me with all my other dogs and animals that I have ever lost. I adored him and miss him so much. I will always keep his ashes close and a lock of his beautiful fur in a locket next to my heart.


Carolyn Lindsay
Friend to DDB and Animal Rescuer

Buddy, June 8, 2010


I adopted Buddy in late 2006. Already 10 years old, Buddy was chained for a decade in mud and treated unspeakably cruelly. For the last 3 ½ years, I enjoyed Buddy’s incredibly gentle nature, when he had every reason to have a different disposition. I watched Buddy seek out joy in every single day that he lived with me. Buddy enjoyed trotting after a tennis ball, eating a peanut butter covered treat, gently wrestling with his other dog friends, going for walks in the woods, petting, and belly rubs. Buddy showed genuine pride after his visits to the groomer, and who could blame him. Buddy: for 3 ½ years I watched you enjoy life and discover love. Your bad times were way too long, and your good times way too short. R.I.P my beloved, gentle friend, and wait for me at the rainbow bridge. I love you.

Len Urban

Riley-March 16, 2010


Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Riley. We wanted you all to know and to thank you for everything you did for him. You taught him that the sound and touch of human voices and hands meant love, not anger. He changed our lives and our hearts are broken; we still can’t believe that he is gone, but we hope you’ll remember his kindness, gentleness, and beauty today and keep him in your thoughts and memories forever.

Barb and Diane

Sir Mac Callahan-February 22, 2010

mac angel

Sir Mac, my beautiful boy, was a chained dog himself. Some beast chained him out in the woods northwest of Austin with barbed wire and bailing wire around his neck and left him with no food or water. He is the very reason it is my pleasure to donate what I can to the great work of DogsDeserveBetter.org! After existing in his condition for several days, Mac was reported to a small town rescue group who rescued him and got him to a Vet for surgery and treatment, as he had rotten flesh that had to be cut out of his neck and chest, as well as be sutured all the way around his neck. Even after all he endured, he was a gentle giant. He loved other dogs of all shapes and sizes and children as well, although he had a lot of German Shepard in him and was very protective of me and his home. We bonded immediately, and he became the love of my life, my best friend and protector for the almost twelve years I had the privilege of knowing him. He developed cancer in his thyroid glands, and even though I did have an oncologist perform one chemo therapy treatment, I knew I was only prolonging the inevitable. I wanted this God's precious creature to leave with dignity and respect, not struggling to breathe or in pain. He was the ONE SPECIAL DOG of my entire life, and he will remain in my heart forever. Mac was cremated as well and he is in a beautiful urn inside a mirrored box with two engraved plaques. He will be with me always and forever.  Sincerely, Jane

Jane Callahan


Honey Bear-February 22, 2010

Honey Bear









Honey Bear was a special little girl with lots of love and spunk. I believe that is why she was able to live to be eleven years of age even though her body went through the horrible disease, Chiara, plus she had choked to death several months before she finially arrived at the Rainbow Bridge to be healthy again and play with her three little babies who died at an early age. When she choked to death, her love and spunk enabled me to bring her back to life using month to muzzle breathing and praying that she would come back to us to prepare us for her final departure into heaven and laugh once again at her comical ways. All that knew her loved her and all that loved her had her unconditional love and the giving of all that love through her outgoing, adorable, and humorous personality to show us humans how extradionary and giving a dog can be.

"Our losses cut deep, but our memories are deeper." -Jan Sankey

A tribute to Honey Bear 1997-2008

Lucky-February 22, 2010








I was 'led' to Lucky when he was a puppy walking along the side of the road alone and lonely. I knew then I would never let him be alone and lonely again and he never was. He became a part of my family and a part of my heart. I am so thankful and so blessed to have had him in my life. 'If love could have saved you, you would still be here today'.

Terri Kenerley

Sweetie-January 22, 2010

sweetie 1 sweetie 2

Sweetie was all sweetness. She was adopted from a rescue at around 10 years old, and lived 10 more years until she passed away, sleeping on the bed beside me. She lived with two large rescued shepherd dogs that loved to keep her on her toes, and we think that's why she lived so long. We are all now in mourning, she went so fast. Both dogs are so sad, she was the Queen of the house, always telling them what to do. Rest easy in heaven, Sweetie. We love you.

Jill, Tara, Kiley

Denia-December 2008


I've been thinking a lot about what I want to say about Denia and I think this is it:

When I remember Denia, I think about her running behind the tennis courts at Davis Park, rummaging around in the ivy and coming back with a tennis ball to play with. When she was having a great time, she'd run around in big circles.

I remember announcing the arrival of her friend, Nina, at Glencoe Park, and watching the two of them run towards each other to meet in the middle.

I see her sitting quietly beside me on the couch, one paw touching me at all times.

I see her wiggling at the door when I came home, jumping off a 2nd-floor balcony as I screamed, letting me use her as a pillow, sharing bags of chips with me, chewing on pens.

I remember her wrestling with Guy and snuggling with Curry, and being generally accepting and friendly to the strays we brought into the house temporarily.

But mostly I think of the gigantic hole she left in my life when she died, and although it's slowly turning from pain to gratitude for having her as long as I did, the hole will always be there and nothing will ever be the same again.

RIP, my triangular friend.

Laika-November 2009


Laika, the Samoyed-Terrier first animal in space, who died in space on this day, 1957, on the Sputnik 2. She was deliberately murdered. 

I hope the world would not allow this to happen ever again. She deserved better and should be remembered. Be at peace, Laika, you are loved unconditionally, and I carry your memory forever in my heart as a talisman helping me fight against all animal abuse and neglect.

Blackjack-November 2009


This is my Blackjack who passed away 2 years ago.  He was definitely my buddy and my protector.  Always with me wherever I went.  We lived in Arizona and then moved back to Pa.  He was such a joy riding with us in the truck on such a long ride...2100 miles in fact.  Never gave us any problems.  What a good boy he was.  I sure do miss him.  I pray for the animals that are so lonely outside.  I am thankful for Dogs Deserve Better!  Thank you and I know Blackjack thanks you too!

Dayner-January 2009


I still miss you Dayner. Run free sweet girl.

Tootsie Roll-January 2009

tootsierollIn memory of Tootsie Roll, the best tiny poodle ever, very much missed by her human, Karen Heinz.




Boudicca-September 2008

Miss Boudicca - You are missedMy precious angel Boudicca. A brave warrior through her entire life whose body just would not keep working any longer. She was a big, black bundle of rugged yet loving Spirit with so much love pouring out of her dark soul-filled eyes.

The only chain she ever experienced was that to my heart.

Miss Boudicca, we love you completely and ALL of us miss you each and every day. You gave me the rare and wonderful gift of unconditional love and I carry you in my heart always.

Farewell Sweet Boudicca, until we meet again across The Rainbow Bridge.

Luke-September 1, 2008

LukeHere is a pic of Luke, formerly called Hooch who lived chained to a doghouse for many years near Athens Ohio. A former Ohio university student and her aunt watched over him and in Dec of 2004, they brought him to our house to become part of the adoption program of DDB...He however stayed with us, became the poster dog for local DDB until he was humanely euthanized on September 1 2008 after a very sudden final illness.

We miss him and are thankful to have been his final caretakers. He is safe now and Mike and I want to continue to support DDB while we are here on the earth to the extent that we can, because we literally take dogs "from rags to riches" as Luke's first benefactor said.

How can we measure the worth of saving one animal? Luke was thankful, I saw it in his eyes every day. That's so worth it.—Lois and Mike Rose

August 2, 2008

Clea lost her battle with Cancer on 8/2/08 she will always be in our thoughts & our hearts. She belonged to Kristi an employee of DDB. 

Clea would have been 12 years old this year. Clea's favorite things to do were to come to Bellwood to visit Zoe &   Hannah or walk on the beach with Kristi, Freedom & Indea.


Alex-July 22, 2008


In Memory of Alex
8/8/1993 - 7/22/2006

My dear Alex...October 8, 2008 will make 15 years since you came to live with me. You were only 8 weeks old and so precious. You lived with me for almost 13 years and I am truly blessed to have spent that time with you.

Alex with his friend Jenny, my best friend's Cocker Spaniel.....Jenny passed away on August 29,2002. They were truly loved and will always be missed.

Alex's last Christmas...picture was t aken on Novemeber 28, 2005.

July 15, 2008

Heidi was the last of the original Dogs Deserve Better pack.

A Rottweiler mix she was the gentlest of souls, always submissive to all the dogs and cats. She played dress-up with Brynnan without complaint.

Heidi came to DDB Headquarters in the beginning, when we were barely more than a twinkle in Tammy Grimes’ eye.

Each day she would ride to the post office, to the bank on errands and rescue missions with Kim our DDB Office Manager and the two quickly bonded into soul mates.

Heidi was at least 10 years old when she passed. Heidi’s favorite thing in the world was cheese and she even spent a day on her own “Cheese Picnic” with her DDB family. Dogs Deserve Better would be very grateful for donations in Heidi’s honor.


Woodrow (Woody Bear)
January 5, 1995 ~ April 1, 2008

Woody Bear - You will be missedWoodrow came to live with me in 1996, when I was in Tulsa. He lived large to the very end, and died as he would have wished – in my arms. Like all of our companion animals, he is both unique and irreplaceable. Requiescat in pace et in amore, old friend.


Yippie & Willie 03/08

Willie and Yippie living the life they deservedYippie was my first pet ever. I was told his first owner beat him, by his second owner who delegated him to the backyard. He was fithy and matted, but I could see his beautiful orange coat under all the dirt. The day I met him, he put his chin on my lap, and looked up at me with sad eyes.He was a fearful but gentle dog, often backing away from people, and hiding behind me. I couldn’t understand how anyone could mistreat this beautiful gentle, loving, angel.

It took about 3 years, but one day, copying another dog, he playfully pounced toward a tennis ball. Eventually he became less fearful of strangers. I was always gentle with my baby, and he returned the love I needed. I loved the way he wagged his entire behind in excitement and made cute noises when I returned home. I vowed to protect him and any other animals that I encountered.

Willie was my second baby. I adopted him 6 months after Yippie. He was so social -- he desperately wanted to meet every stranger on the street. He was independent, and happy. He was at his best in the presence of a “new” person or dog. Willie jumped in to many a stranger’s car, but it didn't bother me- I was glad he had a naive and innocent love for people. He whined uncontrollably any time he couldn’t jump in a stranger’s lap. He even loved going to the vet (til the last year) because he loved seeing the other dogs and owners.

I want the world to know how wonderful they were. What beautiful, loving babies. Yippie, Willie - Mommy loves you both more than anything in the whole world. Sending you big hugs and kisses.

-Bonnie Monaghan

Poundcake 3/08

poundcakePoundcake was my constant companion for 15 1/2 years---I had a long time to love her but it wasn't nearly long enough.  She came to me at eight weeks old as a feisty, smart 8 lb "poundcake-shaped" puppy and grew into a feisty, smart 75 lb girl.

Poundcake kept me on my toes...she challenged me daily but also honored me with her complete devotion and love. She loved children, frisbees and anything squeaky- she also completely understood everything I said to her and many times "talked" back to me to give me her opinion. I spent less than 5 nights away from her during her 15 1/2 years and still tell her goodnight out of habit. Till I see you again, my  Poundcake-

goodnight sweetheart.—Denise Elkins

Roxy 1/08

I lost my beautiful Roxy girl to Cancer.  We tried everything we could to save her life and I am devastated.  I just donated in her memory and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in the way you honored her in the 2008 calendar.  That is my precious keepsake of the honor she so deserved for the way she struggled during her early years, she was my hero and I miss her more than I ever imagined.  I can hardly see to type thru my tears. Thank you again for all your hard work.  There must be a special (dog) heaven waiting for you.

Many thanks to you and your staff,  Karen McGee

In Memory of Saia, 10/07

Saia was a dog who was very fortunate to be well cared for by her owners, (our best friends Pattie and Ed) and befriended by all the people she came into contact with. She lived in the house with our friends, had a special dog orthopedic bed with her name embroidered on it, loads of doggy toys, she liked to lay on the lounge chair by their pool and sun, and spent every night snuggled up in bed with our friends. They even bought a special extra large upholstered rocking chair so she could sit with them in it and watch TV - Saia was over 40 pounds - a good size lap dog. We chose to give this donation in her name for the care of others not as lucky. She died last Monday as a result of a side effect reaction/complication with some medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

"PETEY" February 13,1997 - September 30, 2007

Petey brought so much joy and absolute unconditional love to our lives.

Maybe one of the most profound things he wound up doing happened after he was gone. Our wonderful, caring friends donated money in his memory to Dogs Deserve Better.

We had never heard of the organization before and after going to the website and reading about it, how could you not be moved to join the fight?

We fully intend to make this cause heard to all we know, and will pass the website along. Petey was lucky to have been a very spoiled, loved dog that was never chained, but will be the reason a lot of people will hear about Dogs Deserve Better. We will miss Petey for as long as we live and will never forget him and we thank our friends for their love and support.

Mario 04/07

Mario was a fun loving guy who did not just wag his tail, but his entire body. Mario loved everyone and was loved by everyone.  One of his best friends was Cupcake our little Gray Cat.  Cupcake taught Mario how to clean his face in "Cat Fashion" and if that did not take care of the situation, he developed the art of using the couch as a full face napkin.
Mario was especially fond of bubble baths.  He loved a nice warm bath with bubbles all around him and a nice long soak. He loved to get dried in the nice warm sun, followed by a long brushing.  He was very much into his appearance and liked to be fussed over immensely.

He learned to swim at the ripe young age of 13.  Once he got the hang of this doggie paddle thing, there was no stopping him.  When he was older and not quite as strong for swimming, he loved to lay on a raft and be pulled around the water. 
Mario is missed dearly.  The only consolation is knowing that Mario has joined long time friends and good buddies:  Cheerio, Oreo and Domino. I cant wait to see you all again. — Love, Mom (Laura Lange)

My Sweet Annie Rose 11/25/95-3/22/07

Annie wasn't a chained dog, but she was abused in her own way. Annie was born during the "ROTTWEILER Craze" of the early 1990's. By the time she was only 6 months old, she was given away 3 times because "she wasn't mean". At the time I worked as a letter carrier and Annie was on my route. I paid $250.00 for her and snuck her back to my car in my mail truck. Annie was the best dog anyone could want. On vacations she would "babysit" my little neices and nephews. If they got too close to the lake, she would tug them back to a safe distance by pulling on their clothes.She and I would play a game I called "the freshie game" I would shake my finger at her and say, "You're fresh!" and she would leap around me barking and play snapping.
Annie had the best life a dog could want. She lived for 12 years and would probably have another 5 left if kidney failure didn't claim her. She didn't want to leave us in her final days so we had to help her to the Rainbow Bridge. I lay on the floor with her at the vet's office and whispered in her ear that it was OK to go. She went softly after the first tranquilizer was administered. She didn't even need the euthanesia shot. The last thing she heard was my voice telling her that I loved her and the last thing she saw was my face.
Annie, I miss you so much!
Love, your mommy

Doogie, March 1, 2007

We can't say enough about Doogie...that boy knew how to take a country by storm! To see the page with the struggle and case to protect him, go to the Doogie page. Words from his foster mom, who loved him greatly: "I want to thank everyone for the presents Doogie received and all the well wishes. Please know he went very peacefully and on his own, he chose his time and was not in any noticeable pain. I hugged him and told him all the amazing stories about the bridge, about how people who have hurt him will suffer in the end, and about Tammy’s amazing love in refusing to give him back to an immediate death. He had almost 5 months with me, during which time we both learned so much about love." Donations were made in memory of Doogie by Sharon Cornett, Maureen Koplow, Constance O'Brien

Cyclone, March 1, 2007

Cyclone, I'm so sorry we lost you. I wish it could have all turned out differently for all of us. You deserved better than life on a chain, and I wish you could have had time to understand better what it takes to live with humans. I know it was not your fault, and I love you. Mom

Donation in Cyclone's memory by Maureen Koplow.

Cutie, 23 March 2006

You were our first rescue. An independent lady at age 14 and we loved you the minute we saw you. We wished our paths would have crossed sooner.

We do not need a special day to bring you to our minds. The days we do not think of you are very hard to find. Each morning when we awake we know that you are gone.

And no one knows the heartache as we try to carry on. Our hearts still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you no one will ever know. Our thoughts are always with you, your place no one can fill. In life we loved you dearly; in death we love you still.

There will always be a heartache, and often a silent tear. But always a precious memory of the days when you were here. If tears would make a staircase, and heartaches make a lane, We'd walk the path to heaven and bring you home again.
We hold you close within our hearts; and there you will remain, To walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again. Our family chain is broken now, and nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. ....Author Unknown

We will remember you with love always,
Mumma, Daddy, & The boys

Buford, Wisconsin, 26 January 2007

Buford, along with 4 other dogs (3 other pits and 1 brittany spaniel mix), were kept in a basement for the better part of 5 years by their previous owner. Buford lived on a 4 foot chain to a workbench; the same chain that was so deeply embedded in his neck it looked like a part of his body.The dogs were surrendered to rescue after the owner decided they were just too much work, but he said "his love for them made him hold onto them so long."

Buford made many swift adjustments to our house; he began to love being touched, petted, hugged and overall cuddling. He gained weight and muscle, going from a skeleton to a healthy 70# boy.

On Friday January 26, 2007 our dear Buford lost his battle with cancer. Run free and play Buford. We will always love and miss you. In memory of Buford, a dogster pal: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/370991

Shadow in Burnside, PA, December 23, 2006

Donation by Maureen Koplow in Shadow's memory.

Veronica Muse worked on Shadow's behalf for quite awhile, and was finally able to rescue her. She only had her for a few weeks before she passed on, but we're so grateful that Veronica was able to give her that time. Our 2006 Christmas Sponsor Dogs contributed to all Shadow's vet care and her grooming, and everyone was saddened to know she died. "She will be remembered, please keep fighting for dogs like her, so they get to know love, warmth, and happiness before they go. SHADOW - Forgive me for being too late to save you. All the times I stopped to see you on your chain I told you to hang on, I'm trying, I'll help you. You did hang in there girl. For a short time you were safe & warm & loved, at home with me. You had so much wrong from the neglect and abuse you went through, I know you stayed as long as you could. You were a wonderful beautiful dog and I'm grateful for having spent the little time I did with you. I know you will be in that special place with all my other dogs, and you will all be happy and safe together. Until the time comes that we meet again girl, you will be in my heart and thoughts always."—Love Mommy

The Chained Little Dog

He probably had a very good life till the time his master decided he was needed no more. Then he was chained in the backyard and left to die.

He did so early in March 2006 after spending a very harsh winter alone in the snow.

This is the plight of the dogs in Romania. They are expandible because numerous, treated with cruelty because the authorities do not care. Animal protection laws exist in Romania but only on paper. They were signed because they were needed to put Romania on the list of countries wanting to be accepted in the European Union.

Proof of that: the little dog belonged to a municipal alderman. The case was brought to us by a group of children who were seeing him every day on their way to school and tried to do something about it. They wrote letters to the owner but never got any answer. They tried to feed the little dog over the fence but he was too far away and the chain too short and could not reach the kibbles thrown to him.

Can you imagine what such a picture can do in the life of a compassionate child ? The plight of the Romanian strays is not only hard on the animals but also on the people who love them, fear for them and wish they could do something. The only help that will work will be coming from abroad. That is why we got involved in the first place.

To read more about that tragedy, see:

Janine Larose, founder
Lost and Found Pet Network
Quebec, Canada

In Memory of Ken Anderson

April, 2006
In memory of Ken Anderson, CSU Petsitter Conferences
Thank you for your love and support of our rescued dogs.

Dixie (aka Grandma)

April, 2005

You were with us only for 5 years. I wish so much it could have been longer. It's not the same coming home and you not waiting happily to see us. I hope you know how much we loved you. Miss you so much.

Romano family




Mar. 13 , 2005

In memory of our beloved shelter cat,Darla (Momma Mau): You haven't really been taken away. You have only gone with the Angels to play. You have been given wings with which to fly.

All your troubles have passed you by. Your life in heaven now must start. But we'll hold your memory in our hearts. Nothing about you will be forgotten. But now you'll sleep on clouds of cotton. Author Unknown

Our hearts are broken, Gwen, Delana, Jessica, Wendy, Michele, Mandy, Cindy, Vonda & Kelly


Feb. 22, 2005

Sess, I never met a more intelligent or loyal dog. You appointed yourself my guardian, and guarded me fiercely from newcomer dogs even when you could no longer stand. You were lucky they respected your alpha male status just from the ferocity of your bark and didn't test your ability to carry through!

I'm so angry that someone kept you in a pen for 11 years. I'm only grateful they finally set you free to come to me all the way from Colorado.

If I had had the good fortune to know you from a pup, we would have been SO inseparable. Unfortunately I was granted only 1-1/2 years with you, and only one good year before cancer started taking it's toll. Still, you were MY dog, MY companion, and I'm so honored you chose me.

Thank you, Sess, for loving me even when I deserved it not. I will always have you in my heart, and you will remained immortalized as the Dogs Deserve Better doorhanger doggy. –Love, Mommy


Feb. 3, 2005
You were happy for a little while in your short, pain and fear filled life.  You were loved and you loved back.  Looking at your face when you were out playing.....it meant more than I can express with mere words.

You were beaten and tortured and made to endure the worst man can give.  What I saw in your eyes when you hid behind me in fear and the chain completely embedded in your neck when you came here, was proof of what you had endured. 

You didn't know how to play with the other dogs, you didn't know how to love me without almost knocking me down.  But you tried so hard.  You enjoyed the short time you had here with us more than any dog out I've known. 

You did not forget but you let me into your life.  You trusted ME.  And, I let you slip past my self-imposed barrier of protection.  I loved you and I will never forget you.  You were special and will always be in my heart.

Rest in Peace, Chainey.  You have earned it.  You can run and play and bark and will never feel hunger, pain or fear again.  You are free.  Be happy and I'll see you at the Bridge.  Try not to knock me down when you see me coming! Lisa Jones, Director, Country Paws Rescue, Inc


March '04 - November '04
May heaven give you comfort and peace.
Donated by Michele Reynolds.






Sadie Mae

We thought of you with love today. But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday. And days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name.

Now all we have is memories. And your icture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake. With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart.
Author: Unknown

Donated by The Schorno Family.


Sid was a true Australian Shepherd. Despite coming to us with tumors and fresh from being hit by a car, his will remained so strong! I remember taking him outside, hardly able to walk with the pin in his leg...I thought I didn't need a leash, because he couldn't get far. How wrong I was! He scooted right down over a steep bank and into the creek. I had to climb down and carry him out! —Tammy

From Melanie, foster Mom to Sid, who sponsored this tribute: I'm not very good at eulogies, but Sid touched Mike's and my heart forever. He truly was trying to make up for all those years of solitude and cuddled at every opportunity. We loved the old man and felt honored to receive his "lovin's" in the Sunset of his life. July 28, 2004 Sid moved on to his forever home. He made me part of this cause from the first moment I met him, because I knew he deserved much more than life attached to a chain by the bolts you see pictured here. No dog deserved that!


Sadie passed from our lives on November 27, 2004. She was a beloved foster, rescued from a backyard in Altoona, PA in 2003. She was a pretty little girl with a sweet little face. She had such tiny paws, and I will certainly miss the click-click she made, readily distinguishable from the others, as she walked across the floor. Like a petite woman in high heels.

She had a typical Chow personality, standoffish until she got to know you. Once she loved me, I was 'in', and she regularly just came up and stood looking up at me for love, but never pushed for it. I loved to cuddle up with her little face! She trusted me.

She came in from a backyard in Altoona, PA at the age of 12 with a huge mammary tumor, which we removed, and then later had to have emergency surgery as she wasn't spayed and her uterus became infected. She survived both of those to live another year with us, and we were blessed to have her in our lives. She died as a result of cancer. I know she was happy and grateful, she showed me her quiet gratitude every day! —Tammy, $35 lovingly donated by "Friends of Galveston County Texas Animal Shelter", thank you!


It is with more sadness than I can express that I write that Leroy, my 18-20 mo old pit/shep mix foster was sent to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday morning, Aug. 21, due to complications from distemper.

When he came to my house in Dec. 2003 we didn't think he would make it. One vet recommended we put him down at that time, but our group (PAL) decided he deserved a chance, because he had probably never known love. He came to us in November, with a wound around his neck from being tied up probably his whole life until he escaped and wandered into the yard of the people who brought him to our adoption event.

Leroy was a very wonderful dog, who had blossomed under the loving care he was given in my home. The whole family loved him dearly. He loved to play with several of his foster siblings. He was very good with the children and was a great cuddler. He loved food of all kinds but really loved watermelon & several other kinds of fruits and vegetables.
—Dianne Wood


This is my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Cody, who died May 4, 2002. It has taken me over a year and 1/2 to come to grips with his death and to allow myself to even view his face on any "memorial."

My beloved Cody: We experienced a tremendous amount in the 11 years and 4 months we shared: A marriage, your 2 ear surgeries, a divorce, a 2nd marriage, living in two separate states, residing in 6 completely different homes. You were by my side through the best and worst of times. You were my life. Part of my soul died on May 4, 2002...... Rest Peacefully My Precious Boy, we shall be together again! Michele


This is my dog, Butch, who passed the day before Thanksgiving 2003.

Butch, You stood tall with elegance and grace. You believed that I walked on water, when, it was you who were majestic and awe-inspiring! No one ever told you that being 95 lbs was rather big to be a lap dog. Having you nestled in my lap, oblivious to the world and trusting me to love and care for you, gave me so much happiness and peace. I miss you! Rest peacefully my "Big Boy", for God will reunite us someday.
Your Mommy


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