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DDB Chain-ge

Please Help get Justice for Shepp, a German Shepherd
left to Starve on the End of a Chain

Maria Daines, who is becoming known as the Goddess of Animal Rights Music, has written an incredibly moving song for Shepp, and is generously allowing DDB to keep any money raised from downloads.

Here's what one reviewer said: "Gripping and emotionally poignant!! Maria and Paul, you drive the message straight home to the bone with this one ... this is one painful crying out loud eulogy in memory of Shepp ... heart wrenching lyrics, Paul's blistering and crying blues guitar solos ... and your voice Maria - powerful and emotional, quivering and wavering fervently and painfully in all the right places ... you send chills all up and down my spine, spilling your heart out painting this picture of Shepp's horrific pain and misery, left alone, sitting, lying, chained and starving, eyes searching and waiting till the very end and that last lonely, helpless dying breath of life ... hungry, tired, cold, wet and alone ... for god's sake Lord, where are You? Where on earth are You? This is one awesome song in every sense of the word - lyrics, vocals, instruments, arrangement, production ... and purpose - humanitarian. God bless you both for such amazing music!!"

The song is now up and making top of the charts on music websites, you can listen and download at: www.indiestore.com/dogsdeservebetter or listen and download it from this widget, below:

Details of the case since DDB heard of it:


After being dumped off at an abandoned home in Corpus Christi, TX, a German Shepherd was found in horrific conditions last week on 9/16/08. Parts of his bones were exposed due to constant friction from trying to move. No arrests have been made.

Laying on the concrete, unable to even get up from his side and with what appeared to be a wound on his neck was a dog laying under a carport. Barely within reach was an overturned bucket with some dry food.

Shepp, a German Shepherd, squirmed in an attempt to move when the Animal Control people arrived. The dog was unable to budge but a few inches. His ribs were protruding through the skin due to him weighing 43 lbs., less than half of what would be considered a healthy weight. Skin was actually growing over his collar and there were wounds all over his body. The skin and the muscle had worn through due to the friction of him struggling on the cement, with approximately one inch of shoulder bone exposed. It is being labeled as the worst case of animal neglect that local officials have ever seen.

A neighbour told reporters that a man in a tan coloured Ford Ranger pickup dropped the dog off about a month ago at a vacant home. She said in the news report that she knew the dog was indeed thin but didn't know to what extend until this past Monday when it had apparently gotten loose from whatever means the individual had used to tie it up.

The pickup was found at another residence in Corpus Christi. The owner of the residence claimed to know who owned the pickup but couldn't remember his name despite it being her brother-in-law. She said he found the dog, according to the KZTV news report.

Sadly, Animal Control director, Kelli Copeland explained how this case and so many other animal abuse cases fall short of proper investigation and prosecution due to limited resources. When there is a child abuse case versus and animal abuse case, current available resources go to the children.

Shepp was removed from the horrific conditions in which he was found but he died in a local animal facility last Friday. The owners have not been charged with any crime and police are not confirming that they know who owned Shepp.

Here is a link to the footage of Shepp by KZTV 10, but be warned, it is graphic and very disturbing.

To sign a petition to bring justice for Shepp which will be sent to local officials, please visit this link.

"I started Shepp's petition. I saw the news and was torn apart and enraged at the indifference that people have for creatures. I went that Friday to donate money and propose a fundraiser for Shepp. It so happened that the Director Kelli Copeland came in and we discussed what we could do for Shepp as he was to be transferred to OSO CREEK hospital later. At that point she introduced me to Dr. House and the the techs. Then they allowed me to see Shepp. He was propped up by pillows and had a vet tech with him at all times. And what I saw was such compassion and love. He wagged his tail weakly and tried to lift his head. It was much later that afternoon that he passed. in my eyes the neighborhood is more than guilty;  it would have taken a simple phone call." Sincerely, Ann Margaret


A major development in the animal cruelty case of Shepp the Dog. TWO PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED!
A 44-year old man named Daniel Luna, and a 45-year old woman named Norma Luna. Both charged with animal cruelty. The news link now has their mug shots up.

According to ACO Richard Golb, the DA who is prosecuting the case is Deborah Rudder - here is contact info for that office :

901 Leopard, Rm 206
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Phone: (361) 888-0410
Fax: (361) 888-0700


Their docket call is 3/5/09 at 2PM.  Their jury trial is scheduled for
3/9/09 at 9AM.

Date of Shepp's trial has been reset to April 27. 2009.
My son and I were present this morning ,The Officers from CCAC and the Vets and Vet techs were present as well .In fact the head ACO  had to ask the bailiff if they were on the docket (Luna's ) as the Luna's were not called out for roll call ..So we were told the trial was reset April 27 2009 ..We plan to be there again ,I had made buttons for my son and i with Shepps picture .So this gives my an opportunity to make more . The petitions were delivered Thursday,

Thank you so much. Any that plan to attend let me know and i will make a Shepp button for you. Ann Margaret <annmarrus@yahoo.com>








We are struck by the similarity between photos of Doogie and photos of Shepp. Doogie was lucky we found him when we did, and that the neighbor did not stop looking for help when humane officers failed to respond. Yet, despite vets best efforts, Shepp died of the cruelty bestowed upon him. Why does it seem that when concerned citizens and neighbors do the right thing and get help to save the dog before it's too late, advocates are arrested for providing that help, and when they don't, the poor creature dies and then maybe, maybe, cruelty charges are filed? We maintain that these dogs have MORE rights than to die BEFORE cruelty charges are filed. They deserve to LIVE!

And, where is the new Texas law on this?


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