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The thought of a dog chained or penned out in this weather is incredibly painful! There is nothing more saddening than snuggling up against the cold with your favorite furry friend, and knowing all the while just down the road there is a chained dog—miserable, lonely, hurting, and possibly freezing to death in the winter weather.

PLEASE take action to educate in any way possible! We must help the chained dogs and the penned dogs, because they cannot help themselves. They deserve better than life on a chain/in a pen, and by placing these posters near areas where chained dogs live, you make save a life.

We are charging little more than our printing and mailing costs on the posters, because it's so important to get these out into the public!

You may also purchase 'sponsored posters' for others who can't afford them, and anyone receiving them will get a card with your name honored as donor (see below). Please apply for your free posters by e-mailing info@dogsdeservebetter.com


Winter Weather Poster

1 for $.47 (+$2.50 S&H)

2 for $0.97 (+$3,00 S&H)

5 for $2.97 (+$3.00 S&H)

10 for $4,97 (+$5.00 S&H)

20 for $9.97 (+$5.00 S&H)


Sponsor Posters for Those Who Can't Buy Them

1 Sponsored Poster for $.47 (+$2.50 S&H)

2 Sponsored Posters for $0.97 (+$3.00 S&H)

5 Sponsored Posters for $2.97 (+$3.00 S&H)

10 Sponsored Posters for $4.97 (+$5.00 S&H)

20 Sponsored Posters for $9.97 (+$5.00 S&H)


To order by mail, just print this page and send your check and ordering information—what, how many, etc. to the address shown below, and we'll get it right out to you! Be sure to provide contact information in case we have questions.


Thanks to: Allegra Print and Imaging
Pat & Bill Zovickian. They gave us a good price and are animal lovers too!

Posters sponsored in part by P.A.W.S. Ebensburg Center, PA.

You can help Dogs Deserve Better anytime you shop online through iGive.com.

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