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New Mexico Rep Amanda Green

Hobbs 1

I started with Dogs Deserve Better as just a concerned citizen during the Valentine Campaign of 2008. I turned in 20 addresses of dogs around my house that were kept chained up 24/7.

My heart has always ached for the chained dog since around 2000 when a chained dog near where I worked killed a little girl. I saw how that dog was not humanely treated and nothing could be done about it.

In August of 2008, I became the first DDB rep in New Mexico and in my town. Since then, we now have a total of 4 reps in the state and always encourage others to get involved too! Hobbs, NM passed tethering legislation limits beginning in January 2010 to encourage "humane" tethering standards such as trolley systems, clean water, sanitary living conditions, and other elements to the ordinance that has caused the caretakers of these dogs to be held more accountable. Although I must say that since the ordinance, I have seen very few dogs whose lives have truly improved. These dogs, on trolley systems or not, are still cheap alarm systems who want nothing more than to be apart of their families.

My current goals as a DDB representative are to participate in the Fetchapalooza Adoption Event in Albuquerque, NM at the end of the month. We are taking 7 dogs and hope to get them adopted. I am also coordinating a state-wide Chain Off for 2010 and am excited as I would also like to see some legislation against chaining at a state level. I can only hope this brings about some awareness to the plight of the often inhumanely chained dogs here in New Mexico.

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