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"A really insightful book and a no-BS diary."

Scream Like Banshee as Featured in The American Dog Magazine: "Considering foster parenting? Thayne’s advice: Jump. No, not off a bridge—that comes later—but right into the foster fray without bogging yourself down with excuses or procrastination; she reminds us that just committing is what benefits the dogs, not how well you do it or how perfectly you maintain.

Foster martyr? Thayne can relate, recommending you find your ideal number of fosters that allows time for YOU, without guilt, taking your pleasures too and knowing you deserve them.

Scream Like Banshee includes a 29 day foster diary of Thayne’s own experiences that keeps you both laughing and crying. The best part? A portion of all sales benefit her organization, Dogs Deserve Better, and bring America’s dogs into the home and family."

Scream Like Banshee

29 Days of Tips and Tales to
Keep Your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent

Scream Like Banshee

"I regularly buy books with a rescue theme but have always felt a bit disappointed because there hasn’t been a book that portrayed, 'my rescue experiences.' So I wasn't really prepared for Tamira Ci Thayne’s 'Scream Like Banshee'. It is the most honest account of the perils and pitfalls as well as the joy and fulfillment that rescue volunteers face daily.

The book was beautifully written and brutally honest. I always was rescue friendly, going to events and donating money. But adopting my very own rescue dog changed my life and made me add another title for myself, dog rescuer. I’ve become deeply involved with promoting spay and neuter services and dachshund rescue for about a year now. I’ve had over 7 foster dogs in the past year and each one brings unique challenges and opportunities.

I LOVE what I do but I struggle with feeling overwhelmed. I worry that I’m not being the “perfect” foster parent. I have a hard time saying “No, I can’t take in another dog right now.” With too few foster homes and an endless supply of needy animals, to say no feels like sentencing that animal to death.

Thayne’s book feels like an embrace from a friend that understands what we all go through. It is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know that they “are not alone”.

It is a must read for anyone involved in rescue.

Thank you for giving us a voice,

Amy Snyder
Volunteer for Dachshund Rescue of North America
Volunteer for Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance


Scream Like Banshee: 29 Days of Tips and Tales
to Keep Your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent

by DDB Founder Tamira Ci Thayne

Scream Like Banshee: 29 Days of Tips and Tales to Keep your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent is for animal advocates embroiled in the daily adventures of fostering and rehoming America’s homeless dogs.

Thayne mixes tips for those who need to step up to foster with tips for those who foster too much, adding a dash of laughter, a pinch of sadness, and a wallop of honesty, for a quick read you might not want to put down.

She includes a 29-day diary with tales of foster parenting gone right or gone wrong. This is Banshee’s story, the story of what he taught her, and the story of his foster siblings.

Download the Introduction in .pdf format

Download a Hi-Res Version of the Cover for Print

Download the Release in .pdf format

About the Author

Tamira Ci Thayne is founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, an award-winning national nonprofit working on behalf of America’s chained and penned dogs.

Thayne holds a B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Maryland, and a B.S. and M.S. in Naturology (study of the Body/Mind/Spirit connection) from American Institute of Holistic Theology.

She has written articles for nationwide publications including American Dog, and has been the subject of articles in magazines such as Bark, Animal Sheltering, The New Barker, and Dog’s Life, which won a Genesis Award Honorable Mention.

She is co-editor of Unchain my Heart: Dogs Deserve Better Rescue Stories of Courage, Compassion, and Caring (you can buy this bundled with Scream Like Banshee, saving $5.00, below), has created over 30 animal advocacy art pieces, available for viewing and purchase on littlegirllooking.com, and illustrated Puddles on the Floor for Dogs Deserve Better, a humane education book written by Lorena Estep.

Scream Like Banshee is Thayne’s first book.

Thayne is available for interviews, author visits, and book signings. Please contact her at 814.941.7447 or Tami@littlegirllooking.com to request an appearance.

How to Purchase the Book

Unsigned Copies:

Only $14.98 from lulu.com (or our site, see below) and now available from all major online booksellers.

Want an Autographed Copy?

For an extra $9.99 donation to Dogs Deserve Better (fully tax-deductible!) Tamira will sign AND dedicate a copy for you or your loved one! Only $24.97 (purchase below), with the entire extra $9.99 per autographed copy going to Dogs Deserve Better to raise funds to bring chained and penned dogs into the home and family.

Kindle Books:

Have a Kindle? Scream Like Banshee is now available for immediate download for your Kindle, Kindle 2, or iPhone Kindle Application (a Free Download) for a mere $3.49 from this link.Please consider leaving a review on the page if you liked the book!

We Now Take Phone Orders at 1.877.636.1408.

Scream Like Banshee
29 Days of Tips and Tales to Keep
Your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent

$14.97 Each (Plus $3.00 S&H)

We Now Take Phone Orders at 1.877.636.1408.

5-Copy Pak of Scream Like Banshee
29 Days of Tips and Tales to Keep
Your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent

$67.97 Each - Save over $10.00! (Plus $8.00 S&H)

We Now Take Phone Orders at 1.877.636.1408.

Scream Like Banshee Autographed Copy
DDB receives all extra as a donation. Please be sure to include who you'd like the book signed for and anything special you'd like the dedication
to say in the Special Instructions area.

$24.97 Each (Plus $3.00 S&H)

We Now Take Phone Orders at 1.877.636.1408.

Book Bundle

Scream Like Banshee & Unchain my Heart Bundle
Save more than $5.00 when you pick up Scream Like Banshee in combination with the new DDB book of all-Happy-Ending rescue stories: Unchain My Heart.

$25.00 Each (Plus $4.00 S&H)

Book Bundle

Scream Like Banshee, Puddles on the Floor,
& Unchain my Heart Bundle
Save more than $10.00 when you pick up Scream Like Banshee in combination with the new DDB book of all-Happy-Ending rescue stories: Unchain My Heart and DDB's own Humane Education children's book, Puddles on the Floor

$36.00 Each (Plus $4.00 S&H)

More Reviews of Scream Like Banshee:

"I have been doing rescue for ten years. When I started to read Scream Like Banshee, it was like reading my own story. I never thought that it would be so similar to the way I did rescue, but it was as if I had written the book myself. I recomend it to anyone who does rescue or fostering. It helps to know that you are not the only one that feels a certain way at a certain time. I also recommend it to anyone who is thinking of helping dogs in need. It will prepare you for what is to come in your life. GREAT BOOK!" —Joe Maringo, SPARRO.org

"I loved it. As a rescue founder and fosterer of many dogs/guinea pigs/rats/cats/more, it really just felt great to hear from someone else who understands what this life is like. Fortunately I learned a long time ago about my limitations, that it's possible to take a 'break' without quitting (I'm actually taking a 'break' right now for the first time in 6 years) and other important messages covered in the book, but it helped tremendously to see that someone else out there agrees!" Crystal Collins, Founder, Starfish to the Sea Animal Rescue

"I just read Scream Like Banshee and I can't say how much I LOVED it!! I've been fostering for nearly four years, over 120 dogs, and your book was everything I needed to hear. At one time two years ago I had 19 dogs. Never again! I definitely learned from my mistakes but I have beat myself up over some of them. Living without the guilt and moving on is what I got from the book, and what I needed to hear. I'm down to two and took my first vacation in 6 years!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"—Cathy Sullivan, Oklahoma

"I finished reading your book Scream Like Banshee yesterday and loved every single minute of it! I couldn't put it down. It truly spoke to me!

I've been in animal rescue since 2000 and am currently with a rescue group which pulls animals from high-kill animal shelters and home-fosters them after getting them vetted. Your book just spoke volumes to me! I so appreciate your sense of humor and your ability to say just exactly what needs to be said.

I hope you'll consider writing more books in the future. I love your writing style! I think that's what makes your book so great. You went with the topic that you just "HAD" to let out of your pores, body, and soul. You had something really important to say!!!!! And I thank you so much for that.

With hugs and admiration —
Carol Schmidt, Missouri

"A really insightful book and a no-bullshit diary. A lot of diaries sugar coat everything and you put yourself out there for scrutiny in a very candid way. It lets any foster parent know that it is okay to not be perfect and that it is okay to have limits. Nicely done!"—Joe Horvath, M.A.

"I finished reading your book and all I can say is WOW!!! You are an inspiration…you had me crying, laughing, and then crying again! The story of Banshee had me on edge the entire book.

I liked how you incorporated wellness; this book is not only for those who foster or want to foster but for everybody because it is a “feel good book." It has joy, love, sadness, grief, and how to love yourself.

The way you described the dogs, your circumstances, your travels, etc. made me feel like I was “there” with you and that makes for a great read!"—
Cherie Smith, Smith Virtual Office

"Between the pages of Tami's first novel I found a plan for self-improvement, a guide to fostering, and even a 'get out of fostering free card'. Scream like Banshee will take you on a tour of Tami's life where you will discover how to maintain your sanity, acknowledge your limitations, how to say NO without feeling like a jerk, and when it is really time for you to say YES.

Where else would you come across advice like this? 'I can always get another husband or wife. Fostering a dog is very important and makes a huge difference.' Or read a whole chapter titled 'Crappy Homes Happen'?

How about some truthful insight into the life of Dogs Deserve Better Founder and CEO Tamira Ci Thayne? Uncover a few of her successes and failures in rescue and meet a friend who relates to your trials and will help you conquer your fears.

Whether you've fostered hundreds of dogs or none, it is an enjoyable read mixing laughter and empathy with real life situations. Thayne may even leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about our canine companions and the people who care about them. A book that is more than a tool for fostering; it is a declaration of the spirit, heart and soul of Dogs Deserve Better, its founder and rescuers universally. The moral to this story is 'It's OK not to be perfect; a dog will love you anyway.'

Dawn's Guarantee: If you don't find Scream Like Banshee by Tamira Ci Thayne to be everything I said and more I will gladly present to you 'free of charge' a rescue dog to foster in your very own home."—Dawn Ashby, Rescue and Public Liaison Director, Dogs Deserve Better

Book sponsored by:

Please note: All opinions expressed in Scream Like Banshee are solely those of the author, and may or may not be supported by book sponsors. In addition, sponsorship does not imply endorsement of all activities of these organizations, past, present, or future by the author.

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