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Here are some concrete ways to make a difference TODAY:

1. Get brochures and put them out in your area, vets offices, restaurants, travel plazas, etc. Print your own if you'd like, using this .pdf file.

Current Brochures to print and fold
"I know I deserve better. I only wish you knew it too."

2. Work to change laws. Very important!

We all need to pitch in to help get laws passed! How do we do that? Dogs Deserve Better has set up a page with instructions and materials to include. Please send this letter to your local and state representatives and senators. It is in .pdf format, and you will need acrobat to print it out.

Letter for Legislation in .pdf format

Letter for Legislation in .doc format

Letter to the Editor in .doc format

Letter to the Editor in .pdf format

Below are a couple of sites where you can find out the name and address of your state and local reps. Also, Congress.org allows you to send e-mails to them to:
House of Representatives

3. Buy (very inexpensive!) and hang our 11x17 posters in your area. They will hold up well in the outdoors, in the rain and snow as they are high quality press run.

4. Get donations or negotiate a free billboard in your local area with our billboard designs.

5. Print out one of the below 8.5x11 .pdf flyers and hang them all around your town, grocery stores, laundromats, telephone poles (although in most cases, unless laminated, will not hold up well outside).

Hot Doghouse Flyer for Dogs left in Summer Heat

Small size "I Am Unseen" Poster

Small size "Snowball's Generation" Poster

Small size "Bush Legislation" Poster

Small size "Would Jesus Chain His Dogs" Poster

Small size "Man Hugs Dog" Poster

Small size "Winter" Poster

Small size "Cold" Poster

"Santa Leaves a Note" Poster

6. Run a booth for the organization at a pet fair or other opportunity in your area. All the materials can be printed out from the site in .pdf format.

7. Solicit donated public service announcements for radio and tv (PSAs)

PDF radio copy
Radio PSA 1 (audio/.aiff)
Radio PSA 2 (audio/.aiff)
Radio PSA 3 (audio/.aiff)
Radio PSA 4 (audio/.aiff)
Radio PSA 5 (audio/.aiff)
Radio PSA 6 (audio/.aiff

Get donated links, donated web space (especially for the "Don't Shut Me Out" ad, e-mail for copy), or donated paper and magazine ad space. Get donated tv, radio, and billboard space.

8. Speak to caretakers of chained dogs, hand deliver information. If the thought of face to face scares you, buy some doorhangers which you can hang on mailboxes or car or house doors. You can also print them out and make your own, instructions on the doorhanger page.

9.. Build a fence for dog whose caretakers want to provide a better life. DDB can help you get materials and recruit other volunteers to help.

10. Show the DDB Video, DVD or one of our PowerPoint presentations in your community, to schools, churches, groups, and lawmakers.

PowerPoint Presentation 1
PowerPoint Presentation 2
PowerPoint Presentation 3

11. Dogs Deserve Better is looking for volunteers with professional skills!

Do you want to use your professional skills to help make a difference in the lives of chained dogs? Dogs Deserve Better has grown by leaps and bounds since we started in 2002 as we grow, we need more and more help with specialized projects!

We are looking for talented and dedicated professional people to take on the following volunteer roles, for each category:

Graphic/Web designers and masters—We need people with strong html and/or design experience to help maintain our ever-growing website.

Public and Media Relations people—Help bring public attention to the chaining issue and DDB by being a public relations and/or media contact for us. You should have experience with soliciting media coverage, talking and writing to the media via press releases and personal interviews. Radio and/or television experience would be welcomed!

Legislative Lobbyers—Do you have connections in local government and/or knowledge of how to get laws passed in your community? Then, we need your help desperately! This is where we can make the most difference—in getting anti-chaining laws passed!

Foster Homes—Do you have a place in your heart and home for a rescued chained dog? We need fosters all around the country to help get these formerly chained dogs socialized and fit to be adopted to a forever home. Formerly chained dogs often have special issues and need patient and loving help with socialization and training. Not a job for the faint-hearted!

Transporters—We need help with transporting rescued dogs. If you feel you can take on a leg of a journey and don't mind getting a little mud in your car, then please call us! We sometimes transport dogs cross-country and really need volunteer drivers. Gas and mileage is tax deductible, so not only are you helping a dog on his way to a better life, you get a tax write-off!

Vet Care and Advice
—Vet care is expensive and dogs rescued from the chain often need a lot of it! De-worming, shots, neutering and spaying, micro-chipping and taking care of wounds received from being outside 24/7 are just some of the vet services that we need donated. If you are a vet that that has seen one too many chains embedded in necks, or nails grown so long they curl, then please consider helping us get these dogs the care they so desperately need at a discounted or free rate.

Billboard and Bus Advertising Sponsorship
—If you have contacts in the advertising business and would like to help us by donating billboard or bus ad space, we would love to hear from you! Thousands of people a month will see the message that chaining or penning dogs 24/7 is wrong. This would also be a tax deductible donation and all artwork will be donated free of charge by the founder of DDB, Tamira Ci Thayne.

Fundraisers—If you are a fundraiser, grant writer, special events planner, or development/major gifts officer, we would like you to consider using your contacts to raise funds for Dogs Deserve Better. We can't help dogs without generous help from donors!

Administrative—Help with occasional clerical duties or special projects that can be done at home.

Home Visits--We’re always looking for volunteers to help with foster and adoption home visits and to screen applications.

Phone Calls—We need people to make phone calls for various projects, such as special campaigns, legislative, media, corporate sponsors, donor “thank you’s”, etc.

Investigative Research - We need “sleuths” to find information for letter campaigns, local law enforcement/animal control/animal rescue contact information, research animal cruelty/chaining information, verify addresses, legislation and more.

Additionally, we would love your input for fundraising programs, community outreach programs, and how we can improve DDB programs.


donate a bed


Contact Info: Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. • 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430 • 757-357-9292